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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day Two and All Is Well!

Yea...well....ok....that was boring.
So, this morning I awoke early to help Angi pry a VERY tired Miranda from bed and get her ready for her second day of school.  Angi was in contact with the school checking up on her as we were both concerned with whether or not our little miss would take to the experience or blow a gasket and thrash some poor unwitting child who had the misfortune of crossing her. Either that or have a meltdown from being separated from her mommy.  But as it turned out, no such trauma of any kind!  Quite the contrary she seems to have adapted right out of the gate!  Taking to the transition like a true champ she has been reported as participating quite adeptly.  Well, we knew she is a smart cookie and it looks like all of Angis efforts to get her enrolled were well invested.  Hopefully over the next few days the early mornings will rid her of her nocturnal tendencies.
Once she was on the bus and gone and all the other kiddos were dispatched Angi and I passed back out.
I got to the shop around noon, but as it turned out I could have just slept more as we barely had any visitors!  Just a couple looky loos that kaleb could have handled. Ah well...i do what I must.  The one upside is I did come up with a design for an entry in the rat rod show at the end of the month.  Suffice to say...a cruiser/road bike hybrid.
Yep.  I went there!
Cant wait to show it off!  SOON!  Keep an eye on these pages!
The plant wasn't any better!  Five hours of sandblasting right to machine cleaning!
Joy of joys. again, I wrested interest from boredom and in my breaks looked up a topic Logan recently showed an interest in; alchemy.
Wow!  Talk about FACINATING!  Over 4000 years of history of a subject that was the precursor to not only modern science, but spirituality, occultism, medicine, philosophy and psychology to name a few!  And who knew! There are not four but EIGHT elements!  Wowzers!
Its gonna blow his mind next time we get to talk!  And he thought it was all the pervue of mage's!
Okay. So enough of my day, gotta buckle down fer the night!
See y'all soon!

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