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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Literally Lateral Literate Literature

Saturday should be the official day of "Movie Talk".  Friday being Family Movie Night and all!  Last night Elijah picked up a copy of the new Goosebumps movie with Jack Black playing the part of R.L. Stein himself.  Jack has done some hits and misses throughout his career (High Fidelity, a hit, Year One...miss)  as his "over the top" dramatics sometimes doesn't lend itself to the role he's playing, but this one was definitely a hit. I've sat down and watched some of the TV shows with the kids, and at times, some of them could get real creepy, but by and large they always reminded me of a more "Scooby-Dooish" kind of silliness.  But I'll admit, this one was just plain fun.  Probably made more so by the fact that all the kids really got into it.  I never realized, until that point, that Rozlynd has actually read ALL the books!  See, the movie isn't just (OPPS, almost forgot; SPOILER ALERT!!) another R.L Stein tale, it actually takes place in the "real world" where R.L Stein's creations had actually come to life, but imprisoned in the original manuscripts under lock and key, until an unwitting neighbor accidently unlocks one, which creates a domino effect, thereby releasing ALL the nasty's unto an unwitting small town.  Even though all the nightmares ransacking the town are scary, there is just enough of the aforementioned Scooby-dooishness to make the film accessible to even your smallest wee ones, while the humor keeps the older folks entertained.  Rozy was excitedly pointing out each critter even before they had shown up, with such glee it was entertainment in itself.  Definitely a good flick for Saturday entertainment!
Oh, while we are on the subject of films, after my review of Batman V Superman I got a LOT of feedback, and yep, it was universal...the movie SUCKED!  And you thought MY opinions were strong?  WOOF!  I didn't use any of the words I have heard to describe this stinkburger, nor did I issue any death threats!  WOW!  In retrospect, DC REALLY did themselves a disservice, while striving to get some of the gold, like Avengers did, I think they put the bar SOOOOO low at this point, the movies to come in their new franchise are going to have a HUGE stigma to overcome!  When will these people ever learn that while their fan base is quite large, they are not as forgiving as they seem to hope!  And honestly, while I was somewhat charitable to Mr. Affleck for his turn in the cod piece, that opinion was not shared!  They may want to rethink Ben's contract if they hope to make JLA fly.  The only dimly flickering high point of the flick, while totally out of place, was the portrayal of Wonder Woman.  She looks to pull off the character well enough, and watching her glee while in battle?  Could be some hope in her turn up to bat.  (opps...did I say "Bat"?)
On to work stuff!
Yesterday was a better show than the remainder of the weak (yea....I spelled it right!) had been, by a long shot.  Several "getting ready for the weekend" repairs came and went, and sent the Boss Cruiser to a new home.   Also, put out a gorgeous Specialized Hard Rock, aluminum frame, with loads of upgrades!  Not to mention a rescued ladies Giant Simple Seven that apparently languished in storage for FAR to long, but once stripped, cleaned and rebuilt (with new cables, tubes and such) looks almost as good as new! 
Today has been equally busy first thing, with several more pick ups and fun visits (one gent came in with the sole purpose of putting in his disgusted two cents about the "Bat-failure" but was in complete agreement that "Deadpool" kicked butt!) and I'm gearing up to do some more "house cleaning" by finally putting together the other sweet, classic Schwinn MTB (although I'm going commuter with this one!)
(Heh.  Just for the record! I know I write with a lot of exclamation points!! And I know, in the literary circle, too many !!'s are simply unacceptable! But...a few years back someone who worked in the field of literature actually took great offense to my "casual" writing style and EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPITALIZATION, not to mention exclamation points!  So...heh, heh...I JUST STARTED DOING IT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!)
It's my darn blog!  Don't like it...there's more on the web to read, I think?
oooo, I digressed again.
So, today, first the Schwinn then I just snagged a beat up hybrid good for parts so I can finally get this sweet older Mongoose hybrid together, FINNALLY!!! (take that Mr. Literary Critic!).
And, least but not last, the show bike.  Well, ended up with no time to bang on it yesterday, but gonna TRY again today as I need it all the way stripped so's I can take it to the sandblaster Monday.  Alrighty, now I best get too it!
ONLY $170.00!!!

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