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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nope....It's a Banana...But I Am Glad To See You!

Got a bone to pick with stigmas!
One of our regular readers shot me a link the other day via Email, of a stand up routine he thought I'd get a rise out of.  Well, I did!  Twas a female standup and part of the routine was the predictable rant about the dating world of the twenty somethings.  Now here was the point my friend found quite humorous but I got my "Irk" on!  She railed on about the "financial viability" of some of her would be suitors, with emphasis on one in particular.  A young man, self employed who "rode a bike for transportation" as it was more ecologically friendly.  Instead of embracing the young mans efforts to protect the environment, she exclaimed that "No, it's because your credit rating is so bad, you couldn't finance a Kia!" too which the audience (females primarily) exploded in agreeable laughter. 
OKAY!  Folks (and pay special attention ladies) there are TWO points I'm going to make here beyond the basic reality that the act of commuting on a bicycle is BY FAR better for any human NOT TO MENTION the world we are currently calling home! 
First, you're REALLY not looking at all the benefits here!  If a HEALTHY young man chooses to get about town on a bicycle, he's one up on most other potential beaus, because he's healthier, has more energy not to mention.....STAMINA! On top of that, a guy on a bike has NO car payment, NO gasoline costs, NO insurance payments, NO vehicle taxes and NO repair costs!  SOOOOO, If he is, in fact, gainfully employed... HE HAS MORE MONEY TO SPEND ON YOU!!!!
And second!  Let's review the well worn, overly used old cliché about some guy jetting about town in a shiny new death machine, that is either fast, flashy, expensive or big.  Say it with me..."he MUST be overcompensating for something!" 
OKAY, keeping that in mind, and if the law of averages applies, the opposite, therefore MUST be true!  Ergo... if you see a gent jetting about on a Schwinn...he MUST be packing!!!!
Chase him down and hand him your phone number and get your hands on some Vilagra!
And trust me, looks can be deceiving, there are plenty of bikes out there with a price sticker higher then a Mercedes!
Yea... I gots me some issues!
Okay, so it's Saturday and it's a BEE-OOOO-TE-FULL Saturday!  I have a few things to bang on for bit, but then I'm bringing in the Clown Bike for an overhaul and a make ready to ride!  Oh yes....I'm gonna give her a spin today!  Been awhile since I've perched upon her, so cross your fingers I don't break my ankles...again.
Update on the "would-be" show bike we were trying to build: No Go.  Sadly.  After a couple of days worth of attempts, excessive "Daddy Language" some slight abrasions, and a nasty pull in my side we could NOT get the rusty old sealed bottom bracket out.  SO, sadly the frame left for the scrap pile yesterday.  I'm not giving up hope, though, as eventually I want to build a custom Cruiser road bike, just 'cause I think it'll look cool!
Best get my hinders in gear nd grind out some goodies!
See y'all SOON!


  1. Why yes, as a matter of fact, I DO ride a Schwinn. Why do you ask? Nudge nudge, wink wink...

    Say no more.