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Friday, April 1, 2016

Dateline: UPDATE!

So today was filled with labors of love!
Right off the bat we got a visit from one of our regulars who had snagged a classic 90's Schwinn "Big Boss" style cruiser at a local yard sale, but didn't realize the level of work that she needed to get her up to snuff!  SOOOOOOO, the sweet Trek 700 we HAD caught his eye, and he traded up!  WELL, we MORE than welcomed the gem!  He wasn't even out of the shop 30 seconds before she went under the knife and got the FULL work up, complete with NEW cruiser tread!  I LOVE these old boss frames!  Check her out below!
Once he was done, I pulled a classic Schwinn Mountain Bike (one of the rides I spoke of earlier) and put her through a FULL tear down.  MAN!  Was that  task!  30 year old aluminum seat post in a cromoly frame?!  WHAT A CHORE!!!  Anyone who has ever had to UNSTICK one of these puppies KNOWS what I'm talking about!  I was a good boy, though!  I kept the Daddy language to a minimum, sparing my blood pressure!  Heh, heh!  Once out (an hour later) I did the full clean up, and with only a few replacement parts (and a nice set of Bonterrager tread) we got ourselves an excellent example of when Schwinn made a real strong effort to compete with the upper class rides of the day!  Granted, the paint has seen better days, but the action on this ride is CHERRY! 
At this point, I was pushing seven PM (making up for time lost) and put the Hunter Big Boy Boss Cruiser under the gun!  She's all stripped and waiting for the treatment that she'll get tomorrow, as I need another set of NEW tread for her!  That, and I REALLY need to head home and get a bloody shower! I stink! 
SOOOO, tomorrow I'll be all fresh smelling and spiffy clean ( least for the first ten minuets) and I'll see ya then!


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    1. Ugh. Yea. Whoops. Um...brain fart? No point on the schwinn mtb as it sold the next morning. But I'm updating as we speak.