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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Still kicking!

Man. What DID I do today?
Well....I know cleaning was involved! 
Ummmm? There was...ah YES! Now I remember!  Oodles of repairs! That's always fun and we picked up a PLETHORA of newbie material that if Kaleb values his tush will have had torn down for me this afternoon to get on first thing in the AM tomorrow.  Also sent the Raleigh mtb and the IZip to new homes as well! 
Thanks to Chip for swinging by today and giving me a stern talking too about my health. Yes. I am on my way to a severe diet change and kicking the smoke.  Heh...they said ELIMINATE stress!  And thanks to the anonymous gent for popping in and giving us a GREAT compliment today!  Oddest thing, I was talking to a couple folks early in the day and out of no where a past customer just burst through the door exclaiming he LOVED this place and we were fantastic people, then walked out .  
So awesome!
Yea, out of the new goodies the real gem is a classic all chrome Diamondback I'm looking forward to digging into first thing.
Returning to the warehouse was surreal. Apparently, word gets round real quick and everyone there was quick to inquire how I was doing, and no sooner did I explain did the all in food jest jokes come.  The funniest had to be the lead foreman threatening to hug me cause I "just needed more loving" and my bosses ribbing about a rectal exam!  Ah men...we all understand each other.  Than Bill, the night foreman kept coming around my department inquiring"are you dead yet?" 
Ah yes, a factory filled with guys with sick senses of humor. Could there be anything more heart warming?
I did take some time to research recipes to help reduce cholesterol and got a good juice idea. Not only that but one of the best things is oats and barley to help eliminate bad cholesterol so....YAY BEER!!!!
Heh heh heh!
All in moderation folks!
But...maybe they mean Cheerios?
Hmmmm. Oscar Madison got it ON Cheerios!
Okay....I'll stop.
Allright. Best get to bed.
See y'all soon!

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  1. And remember, my young apprentice: There is very little in life than can not be fixed with tea and chocolate. And a nap.