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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Flutterfly Effect

Do we even HAVE bikes!?
Anyone checking on the blog for the last week to see what new goodies we may have, if they looked to the left, they would have seen an empty column where the "What's New" is listed.  Again, dreadfully sorry, it's been rather chaotic this week, and I all but forgot to update it! WHOOPS!  I rectified it this morning, so you can see all the goodies we have left, and there are some GEMS!  My personal favorite of the newbies, is the way cool looking KHS Brentwood, which I would have to call, for lack of a better term, a Sport Cruiser.  It has the classic cantilever frame style, but with a low head set profile, 21 speed with integrated shifters, thinner road tread and very lightweight for the style.  If it were a tad bit bigger, I would have claimed it for myself!  But, we have other sweets too!  Check out the classic Trek 700 (EXTRA CLEAN!) and the BIG BOY GT we built up from scratch!  Not to mention the highly coveted low slung ladies comfort cruiser! That girl is only about three weeks old! SAH-WEEEET!  And, we finally got in some more lower priced BMXer's!  The parents should be thrilled about that! 
Today, we have two old school Schwinn MTB's (back when they actually made an effort to compete with the big boys) and a CLASSIC Hunter BIG BOY!  Got that one in after being much loved for thirty years, but the gent was all but done with riding but didn't want to just chuck his old faithful steed!  NO WORRIES!!!  We are well into bringing it back to life!  I LOVE those old Boss frames!
So yea, been a crazy week!  In a dual attempt to not only give myself a wee bit of a break from the long hours and to give Kaleb something to do I'd had him coming in, in the morning so I could try and get a couple extra hours of Z's.  This proved....problematic.  I will admit, though, it wasn't all, really his own fault.  Sometimes, as with ANY business, you occasionally have folks with....issues come in too visit.  Thing is, I've been doing customer service for over 30 years, and know how to deal with this, while remaining firm on our principals.  Kaleb...does not.  And like a Dog smelling fear, some folks will jump on that weakness.  SOOOOO, almost every day last week I was coming in to put out fires, rather than do what really needed to be done.  See, some times, a few folks can just be outrageously unreasonable.  We had one gent come in too sell a couple bikes, and even though it is posted on our door WHEN we do buying (when I am here) he became QUITE irate that Kaleb wasn't just going to hand him money for the bikes he was looking to sell.  Kaleb called me, and I could hear the man ranting in the background about the fact that we had posted on the window that we buy bikes, so somehow he equated that with, we bought bikes each and every time for exactly the price the customer was asking? doesn't work that way.  It's not that the gent was asking an unreasonable price, quite the contrary, it was a really good deal, BUT, I was trying to explain to him that I was the only one, currently on staff, that did any buying.  Half way through trying to calm him, he tossed the phone back at Kaleb, striding out of the store surly and annoyed.  It worked out in the end, he returned, calmer and the transaction went off without a hitch.  Things like this continued all week and Kaleb was a tad bit frustrated as the week progressed.  It didn't help any when in the later half of the week, I ended up having to check myself into the hospital.  What I had thought was a case of food poisoning turned out to be a "mild cardiac event"?  UGH.  Doctor speak for "we have no idea".  All they COULD tell me after several tests was my heart was as strong as an ox, I passed the EKG and stress test with flying colors, but for some reason my heart has "developed another beat"?  What the HELL does THAT mean!?  The cardiac doctor told me it's no problem and nothing to worry about, but that it relates to stress.  "Do I have any stressors in my life?" 
Once I picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, I concurred that; "Yea...a bit!" Quite frankly, nowadays, Who doesn't? Plus, my cholesterol levels are elevated.  SOOOO, with all the "risk factors" I have (and yea, I know, smoking is a BIG one!) I'm going to have to implement some life changes.  
Now, I just gotta get used to the fluttering in my chest, and try and relax.  Uhn.....hunh.  That'll be interesting! 
I'm thinking.....Tai Chi.
S'okay....Now, I'm going to endeavor to....peacefully...rebuild some rides, and not to fall sway to fits of Daddy Language.
Oh....this is going to be interesting!
See y'all soon!


  1. Welcome to my life-long world, Mr. Atherton. Yes, the smoking is killing you. Yes, the stress is killing you. And YES, the Taoist Society of Dunedin (up on Main street) is staff with the nicest people on earth. Go see them. Quit smoking on the way.

    And know that pacemakers beat the alternative.

    1. Yup. First diet and tai chi. Then the smoking thing.

  2. Replies
    1. Well...vegan with fish on the side! I could live on problem!