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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday, Lovely Sunday!

Welcome to Sunday!
Yep, as the season draws to a close the desperate dash for cash begins, and you'll see more of us opening up on our day off.  We SOOOOO don't want to go through what we had to endure last year!  YEESH!
No, keeping expenses down is a priority!
First thing, is weaning myself off the addiction to air conditioning!  I figure, my hide has been toughened over the last several months of working in the warehouse, that perhaps open doors and a fan will be enough to keep things comfortable enough around here.  Well, at least until mid June perhaps.  Then...we'll see!
And on the household end, Angi has done an admirable job of greatly reducing the electric bill AND the water bill at the house.  She is more able than I to deal with warmer temps, so rarely has the AC been turned on at all.  Not to mention, relying more on natural light and continuously monitoring the kids when they are home, by following them around and flicking off lights.  The TV...well, that's another battle altogether, but the weekly trips to the park, and some playing outside is helping.
OY!  I was looking through the last few months of blog entries (trying to find a bike we built some time ago) and I couldn't help but notice a PLETHORA of spelling and punctuation errors, a plenty!  Serves me right for not running a spell check!  So, sorry for any of the obscure, confusing passages!
Well, seems like we may be a tad busy today as a couple repairs have come in already, so I am going to get a move on, finish them up, then maybe start digging through the piles out back and weed some of it out!  I'm sure our neighbors would appreciate it!
See ya soon!

Oh,'s a couple newbies from yesterday!  The ladies MTB is LIKE NEW!!!  Barely rode a few times then garaged!  Needed next to nothing but some tweaks on factory mistakes.  The Men's 26" "Tomcat" MTB (have NO IDEA who builds it) has a VERY unique feature...A head badge that proudly states "Built in the USA!"  WOW!  I had no IDEA we ever built them here!  We picked her up yesterday from someone who didn't even think we'd want to buy it, given it's condition, but a full tar down and rebuild later (with several replacement parts) and this is actually one really solid, lightweight ride! 

ONLY $85.00!!!

ONLY $95.00!!!

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