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Friday, April 8, 2016


...been a few days.
Okay, first things first, weird freaking weather yesterday morning!
Came home from the plant the usual time, about 3 am and sat on the porch for before bed chill time.  The weather was pleasent with not a cloud in the sky.  When I turned my phone on my weather app flashed with the three day forecast declaring clear sunny skies across the board.  Complete with pleasant temps.  NICE!  So...imagine my surprise a scant three hours later to find Angela running through the house frantically waking everyone up to get to the center of the house as all our cell phones went into klaxon mode, flashing bright red letters "TORNADO ALERT!! IMMINENT DANGER!! SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY!!" 
To tell the truth , if the bloody thing touched down in our neighborhood...I'd be dead.  I never woke up I was so out of it!  I didn't even know what happened until Angela came out later for morning coffee.  Apparently a twister hit less than a mile away (three more struck surrounding areas) and she described how when she came outside earlier she could see failed funnels starting to churn all over head and the wind was so bad the stop sign on our corner was hobby horsing it back and forth.  Oddly enough, none of our outside stuff was disturbed at all!  Yea, I'd hate anything to happen to our collection of vintage bike lawn art!  Oh yea, one trip down our street and you KNOW where the bike people live!  Don't try and snag 'em though...none are rideable!  Heh. Heh!
It's just freaking odd how there was so little warning of even a storm coming in?  Bizzare.
So, things at the shop have been rather quiet the last couple days, thoigh.  Where did everybody go?  Npt even the usual slew of daily repairs.  So, nothing exciting to report there.  
Did have another visit from Uncle Chippie.  He's sweet, checking up to see if I'm being a good boy.  Yes, purifying my diet....tough, but I'm just thankfulI like veggies.  Hard to give up bloody rare steak though!  Damn! But...there's always samon.  The good thing is...I can eat ALL the garlic I want!  YUMMMY!!!  You want the best snack?  Pick up a jar of smoked pickled garlic cloves!  TO DIE FOR!!!
Just warn your significant other, or carry a pack of Trident.  And DON'T get on a crowded elevator....they'll KNOW it was you!  Sound travels!
So...this week, after my overnight in the hospital last week, I slept in and had Kaleb open, but next week I'll be back on point.  He's just not ready for busy mornings alone.  Plus, I gotta keep banging out newbies as stock got low again.  He can rough them out but I just don't trust anyone to give our rides the full Recycle treatment.  But he'll get it eventually.
Whoops. Went off on a tangent.  So yea. I'm cutting down on the bad and hopefully will start juicing this weekend when I have time to make the concoction.  Kale, green apples,lime..etc.  Don't know WHAT that's gonna taste like.  
Oh it's all about me day!
Anywho. Tomorrow is gonna be busy.  Miranda finally starts school tomorrow and we have to be up by six AM to take her for the first morning.  I have NO idea how THAT'S going to go.  She is SOOOO attached to Angi...could be MAJOR separation anexity! least I'll be up to hit the shop early...and take a nap!
So. I'd best go get a couple hours..
See y'all tomorrow...blurry eyes and all!


  1. Good for you cleaning up your health. Top-tip citrus inhibits the absorption of the other nutrients and ginger really gives your juice a kick so use it sparingly...what kind of juicer did you get? also the fonts are a bit on the small side lately. =)

  2. At the moment I have a blender, so it's gonna be more soup then juice for awhile! Heh, heh. Yea, sorry about the fonts. I use my cell phone most nights to post, and for some reason it comes out a smaller print. Have to figure that out.