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Friday, June 26, 2015


Only difference is...our work place don't sparkle!
Yep, one of THEM days!  Even though I passed out last night around ten, still didn't want to roll out of bed this morning.  The sad state of ones mind when they don't have a whole lot to do!  *sad face*.  Got through the scrap bikes yesterday, and they yielded very little in the way of useable goodies, unfortunately.  Which was a real pissah', because one of the MTB had, had a brand new set of meaty tires on it, but once I yanked them came to realize that the ride must have sat in the yard for even longer then all the rust would have indicated and the spot where the tires rested was BADLY rotted!  JEEZE!  I know I tend to anthropomorphize bikes, but when you are with these guys for so long, guess it's inevitable, because GOLLY BOB HOWDY do some of them have "personalities"!  Got the GT down to frame, but void of a few choice pieces (used the last of my good set of alloy rims the day before, and SO not putting steel on this child) she's going to have to sit for a bit.  Yesterday was "Kid Bike DAY"!!  It's good to see not only grandparents, weary of today's children obsessive attachment to electronic devices, but parents as well insisting the young ones get the hell outdoors, and are snagging up rides for them.  One such Dad brought in his little guy, and snagged up the 12" Specialized.  Funny thing was, the little man was far more interested in the mechanics of the bike, then actually getting on it!  We also found  home for the old "artsy kitch" Dutch collapsible bikes, much to the chagrin of the gentleman's wife.  She wanted him to get something more "practical" but he fell in love with the look and feel of it, and with the addition of his larger seat off their trade (another tandem, which will be sitting in the back until called upon to become the next truck project), and the couple having a drawn out conversation in the parking lot regarding his choice, he rode away a happy kid!  As I'm sure you have already surmised, didn't get out anything new yesterday.  Nope, after doing my morning chores, and aside from a couple small repairs, had the day to putter.  Instead of doing more cleaning (which didn't need to be done) sat down and put the finishing touches on my second book "Anthony's First Time".

 Yes, I'm using this venue to pimp my stuff.  So sue me! This one has been posted to Amazon Kindle as well, and should be available for purchase by tomorrow (HINT, HINT!!!) No, I have not given up on the larger novels I've been puttering with, but I just felt like I had to get these smaller ones down to free up memory space, and be able to focus on the larger ones.  Besides, I enjoy writing about moments in time.  No big events, earth shattering calamities, just the simple interactions between folk, that after all, is what shapes who we become.  Nothing more vital than that! What's real cool, and I know it ain't "Best Seller" numbers, is I've sold nine copies of the first one!  And, only three of those were to family! 
But, no, nothing new, as I've got nothing to work on, sadly. 
I did have the chance to have a real good talk with a gent, who recently, shall we say, endured a life changing situation and finds himself, at around my age, rebuilding his life from the ground floor up.  I applaud him the acceptance of it all and his rather positive outlook that remained.  His one problem is, and I kind of know how he feels, is the stigma attached to any grown man riding a bike that is not decked out in spandex.  Uncle Chippie has a rating system for bike riders, from the serious to the casual and then come the GOB's an acronym for "Guys On Bikes"  You've seen them, work clothes, a drink in one hand (non alcoholic of course) and a smoke in the other, tooling down the sidewalk (imagine my surprise when I came to terms with my own GOBness).  WELL!  Embrace your GOBness I say!  GOB'S OF THE WORLD UNITE!!  Yes, some are on two wheels because they have lost the right to tool around on four, but SO WHAT!  In the process of rebuilding his life, and initially being forced to go by two's a very wonderful thing happened; He came to discover he PREFERRED two wheels!  Although our families transition to pedal power was one made of free will, the end result is what matters!  One less bloody car on the road is a GOOD thing!  MORE folks should come to the same conclusion from whatever source may compel them to do so.  I'd love to look out our shop window and see a steady stream of bipedals cruising past the shop as opposed to smoke choking monsters!  SING IT LOUD AND PROUD, BROTHER!  Yes, that would be a world we could be proud of!
Sorry for my digressive diatribe, but every now and then you just got "Shake it loose, and let it fall!"
ALLRGHTY!  NOW, after just completing a couple of "while you wait, NASCAR pit stops" (sadly, one gent on his way to a campground up the road had one of the bikes strapped to the back of a trailer do a swan dive and road dance and wanted a quick "in an out" procedure.  Thank God he didn't bend the frame!) I'm now greasy, so I best put it to good use!
See YA!


  1. Steven-

    I'm not entirely sure that you qualify as a GOB, as I had always assumed that GOBs were required by law to ride a bike (Too many DUIs, don'tcha know), and I don't see you in that category.

    Me, I'm a tourist. I tour. That's what I do. Yep.

  2. "GOBs" is a kinda catchy word. Kinda like "MAMILs" which is what my wife accuses me of on my weekend rides. Maybe the definition should be revisited so as not to be exclusive and derogatory to those of us who are simply commuters. =)

  3. I agree with you on that one, however I have always been guilty of embracing the negative monikers people have a tendency to use to place others in negative sub-classes. For the longest time, because of how we do what we do here, we were referred to as "Back Yard Scabs" in reference to dealing in "used Frankenstein bikes" and the like. As far as being a grown man on a bike? Well...they can go copulate themselves as far as I'm concerned. I've always wanted to have a T-shirt made, to wear when I'm riding that on the bak would read "NO, I don't have a DUI, I'm NOT homeless, and I AINT" broke! Better Question is...Why are YOU driving?" Frankly, these are the people who will sell their bike, so they can put gas in their car, to get to the Welfare office!" TRUE STORIES FOLKS!!