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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

THIS is why people climb to the top of a watchtower with a semi automtic and two days worth of ammunition!!

UGH!  What an ordeal! 
Today was our special trip down "red-tape lane" as I needed to meet with the tax people, YET AGAIN, for their bi-annual paper work screw up!   The letters they send are so ominous, I imagine them recruiting a firing squad, awaiting my arrival!  Getting up early, pensive and shaking with fear, I underwent the grueling bus trip in (thank GOD for LG phones and the plethora of video game entertainment to make the trip quick), sat in the outer offices SO wishing I could have a smoke, waiting for my name to be called, feeling a little like Sean Penn in "Dead Man Walking", trying to look comfortable in a collared shirt and slacks (SOOOOO not me!) only to be eventually led into a little side conference room to be informed that the whole thing was nothing more then a shifting of departments, and in fact they were lowering our monthly payment!
LIKE, you couldn't tell me that SIX WEEKS AGO when you sent me the damn "Mcarthy-istic" Letter!?!? 
Tell ya what, set up a defribulator and a cash bar in your waiting room and you'll make a KILLLING!!
Needless to say, I'm back at the shop SOOOOO trying to get my pulse down!  GAWD! 
Elijah came in (like, I had another option!) and minded the shop from opening.  Nothing much was happening, because of course, Fate knew I had enough on my plate and figured the Cosmos lunch lady needed to put a heaping helping of gray clouds on as a freakin' side dish! 
GAWD!  I am SOOOO agreeing with Danny Glover right now, "I'm gettin' too old for this $#!+!!"
I mean seriously I've been working with an inept office, and bureaucratic system for THREE BLOODY YEARS, JUST to pay taxes...That we never collected in the FIRST PLACE!!!  And WE...went to THEM!!  It's not like they had to send out the leather clad, thigh high boot wearing Stormtroopers to find us!  We realized we screwed up, and went too them to make it right, when we could have simply lied, and every time they shift our account around in the office, things get invariably screwed up, and they treat US like criminal! 
Sorry folks, I know I am on a tirade, but this just really chafes my willy!! 
Poor Angela, who could not be there, lets face it, with two babies at home and nobody to watch them, she's pretty much stuck, but she was sweating bullets all morning awaiting the outcome, because her names on the paperwork!  This just aint' right! 
And then they act, at first, like some hooded wearing sociopath is in the back room sharpening some battle-axe on an old millstone, cackling incessantly to himself in anticipation of lopping your head off, until they are content in the secure knowledge that you've left a puddle on the uncomfortable chair your currently squirming in, then they break out with the "no need to be worried, everything's fine" bit! 
AHHHHHHH!  It's moments like that, you really wish you were not as civilized, and could take advantage of the fact that there are no security cameras in the little box, and eviscerate the smug smile with your teeth! 
Hmmmmm?  Did I go to far just then?  I imagine several of our readers visualizing that act right now, and I can imagine, some may very well sympathize! 
When I arrived, of course, you have to go through the metal detectors.  As it turns out, yesterday when the new trucks owner came to pick it up, he rented a panel truck. Well, "contents MAY shift"! They did.  Busted one of the hanging racks and dislodged the chain, so I offered to go down to Saint Pete to remove the rack and bring it back to the shop to fabricate a new one, as well as to demonstrate how to reset the chain.  Of course, tools are required, so I had them in my "bikers bag"  Well...Screwdrivers and wrenches are SO not allowed, so I had to bring them outside and stash them.  I was so shook up when I left, I forgot to bloody grab them!!  So I guess I'll be going to the hardware store.....
Who knows, maybe they'll still be there the NEXT time we have to endure this!
Okay....okay...I'll get off the subject!
On to yesterday!  Aside from the aforementioned Truck pick up, kept pretty busy the majority of the day.  Had an unfortunate "ten minute rule" that I do feel a tad sorry for.  A very nice couple, shopping for a gift for their daughter, came in and spotted the Classic Free Spirit three speed, the day before.  They were very intrigued with it, thought it would be perfect, but I hadn't worked on it yet.  I gave them the offer I have extended many times before, that we could take a down payment to secure it for them, but the opted to wait until it was done, to check it out.  I informed them it would be finished in a couple of hours, and they said they would return later in the day, but failed to do so.  First thing the next morning a regular of ours came in and snagged it up, along with another of the MTB's we had.
....Twenty minuets later.
The nice couple came in to inspect the finish product.  I was dismayed to have to inform them it was already gone, as I had no other "vintage" piece at the moment. 
Sadly, this may have created a rift, as the husband was all for putting the deposit down but she declined to do so.
Thanks to all the folks for keeping us jumping with repairs, and once done, did manage to put the one freebie from Bullet into paint.  She's going to be a peach!  The wheels in Magenta look SHARP!!!
Hopefully have that one done, right quick.
Home time was quiet last night, as I got home, ate dinner then unceremoniously passed out in bed.  So, not much new to report there!
All right, I best get my tail moving and try and save the remainder of the day and do something productive!
See ya soon!!

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