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Tuesday, June 23, 2015 a cat by it's tail under the pale moonlight?

Oh...don't get me started...rough night!
Didn't finally get to sleep until WAY after the "Witching Hour" (for those not in the know, that's 3 am) Twas one of those "everyone's got sleeping issues" and after three attempts to lay our heads down, Angi and I finally passed out! 
NOT a big fan of those kind of sun cycles!  Relatively inactive all bloody day, then as soon as I get home, well the fun starts, and I don't recall there being a full moon so I have NO explanation for any of it! 
As I said, not busy to say the least, with only one repair and sending only one to a new home, had LOT'S of time to kill!  I did manage to put the finishing touches on the story I wrote, which I originally considered a "short" story, but according to the industry standard a "short" story is 1200 words or less?  That's like a bloody paragraph!  But then, as I am sure this may come as a shock to some people, I can tend to be a little long winded.
Yes, the story ended up coming in at just under 13,000 words, so I guess you could call it a Novella?  Who knows!  I'll leave the literary terminology up to our resident published author, Uncle Chippie!  If you are so inclined (and I'd love to hear some honest feedback) I'm going to try and post it to my Google page (you get there through the little icon up top of the page) and see what folks think.  In short "An Odd Occurrence in the Otherwise Orderly Life of Noel Pendelton" is about an excruciatingly average civil servant who inadvertently  averts the end of everything.  Not too far reaching for my first go around?  Anywho, please let me know what ya think!
On to Yesterday...wait...we covered that.  Oh, aside from what was mentioned we did manage to get in one really FINE consignment piece!  Check it out below!  2012 Trek Pure Low Boy seven speed!  NICE!!!  ALSO!  Same gent, a regular of ours, was SUPER KEEN FINE by dropping us off a load of "gimme" DVD's and VHS movies!  UNREAL!  We FINALLY have a copy of Barbarella!!  YES!  B-Movie hall of famer!!  Of course, got several choice picks to add to the collection at home!  So at least the day wasn't a total wash!  Truth be told, I refer to the Jane Fonda classic with some reverence from time to time, but honestly, I have never actually watched it!  Gonna rectify that today!  I'll let you know if it's as bad as they say! 
Today...well, with one repair in, I'll have about a half an hour of busy time then...well, I just hope that will prime the pump and somehow, by sheer force of will, inspire others to come pay us a visit!  The crickets are getting bored again.
SO until next time...

image 1
ONLY $240.00!!!

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