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Monday, June 22, 2015

"Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptangya Zoooooooom Boing Ni!" Those Who Hear It, Seldom Live To Tell The Tale!

And DARNNIT!  Where's my damn shrubbery?!
Oh, Lord...weird bloody mood THIS morning!
After yesterday's frivolity (and the inevitable dissemination of a variety of war like confrontations between children cooped up in the unfortunate summer heat) we wound down the evening by beginning, what is sure to be several weeks of (in the case of Angi) re-watching the entirety of J.J. Abram's "Lost" television series.  Picked up the entire series on DVD in a bulk buy we did a couple weeks back, and as she has always raved about it (and I thoroughly enjoy everything else the man has done....OH....Star Wars 7....December is SOOOOOO far away!) I figured I'd give it a shot.  As such, I did, in fact, really start to get into it, so stayed up a wee bit late getting through the first four episodes, thusly, waking a wee bit beyond schedule.  Made it to work on the dot of nine, unfortunately, had we left at the usual time, would have missed the beginning of the rain (UGH!!!) and arrived perfectly dry!  The girls gave me a cute Daddy's day gift in the way of a impromptu Play Rozy scripted, her the part of Gargamel, Izzy Smurfette, and Miranda as "Azreal" (complete with inked in cats nose and whiskers!)  it was quite adorable.  As has always been my rule, I don't like them to spend money on gifts, preferring  the more thoughtful hand made items.  Oddly enough, Elijah's mention of the day, came in the way of a couple text's, to some degree, apologizing for his more recent lapses in good judgment, I received while having my morning coffee. it was not until about an hour later, I came to realize, he sent the texts from his bed?  SHEESH! 
Saturday was, in the end, somewhat busy, but was relatively void of the normal string of Looky Loo's that are prone to keep it a bluster of activity.  Not complaining, just pointing out an oddity.  Sent both of the Cheapo Hybrids to new homes, one with a request for an upgrade when found, as well as the last 26" DBS we had left, for now.  Hope to get some more in, in the near future (HINT, HINT!!).  The one ride we had gotten in the day before, a real nice example of an earlier Cannondale Triathlon/track bike was finished up (complete with the original, integrated Areo Bars) and we did get in, a soon to be, sweet older Mongoose BMX (no, not the OLDER top of the line ones, but nice) I'll be getting to today.  Once all that was done, still had a couple hours to kill, so I tried to finish up the last little bit of "An Odd Occurrence In the Otherwise Orderly Life of Noel Pendelton" but, well, Owen's day was Saturday, and perpetually under the influence of an over active energy gland, the boy doesn't understand the concept of "quiet time".  So, with hope's, I'll have it roughed out shortly.  Here's hoping! 
Other than that...enh?  Not sure what a rainy Monday is going to throw our way.  Just have to wait with bated breath!
SO, hope to see y'all soon!

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ONLY $190.00!!!

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