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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Rubbing the Rosaries, saying the Lord' prayer, waving a cat over my head while dancing naked under the full moon (the cat's okay, just a little dizzy), chanting the call of Manos, and sacrificing a Chicken (well...eating chicken for dinner), I heralded in the dreaded coming of.....SUMMER BREAK!!!
Yes, once again, it snuck up on me, unawares!  The look of horror that came over my face, Monday afternoon, when the children gleefully announced "tomorrows the last day of school!", should have been filmed and used in acting classes for any young "up-and-comer" wanting to star in a Wes Craven film! 
Of course, it would not have been complete, without the entire day being shrouded in a deluge of rain.  Of course!  Summer's favorite thing, "Rainy Tuesday's"!!  All this, of course meant, I had to strive to stay awake yesterday!!  Of course, being alone, I thought "Why not a "Pulp Fiction" day?  NOT a film I would usually watch at the shop (we try and keep it, at it's worst PG-13.  HeH!  Remember when we were kids and it was a BIG thing to see a PG movie by yourself?  These kids today!  BUT, and this is COMPLETELY off target, I remember the FIRST PG movie I ever saw, "The Bad News Bears" WAY back in '76!  I think this thing would be a rated R movie by today's standards!  Just re-watched it recently after decades!  WOW!!  Underage drinking, sex, SMOKING!, swearing, and violence towards children depicted as "humorous".  Kind of makes some of the things kids watch today look tame!) but I figured, "enh!" aint nobody comin' out in the rain, not to mention, all the OTHER shell shocked parents out there scrambling to figure out something to do with their kids!  Funny, last night was Angi's traditional, "eat all the junk food you can, and watch movies until you pass out on the couch" celebration (they ALL passed into the next grade!  YAY!  scary part is....Owen goes into Junior High next year!  Deputy "L", the on campus cop, who has a long history at their school, but is most likely going to retire after HIS first year!  He survived Elijah and Kaleb, then was completely surprised by just how good and well behaved Logan was...I think that may have lulled him into a false sense of security!    Not to mention Izabella starts school!?  Oh man, my little Pumpkin!  I have NOOOOOO idea how I am going to handle HER growing up!!) so I hit the store to buy snacks.  Apparently, there were a LOT of families with the same tradition as the snack and candy isles were picked almost clean!  Had to settle for the "cheap chips" (which as it turns out...were actually better then the brand name!  And only a BUCK!!)  But, "a Cheese Doodle by any other name..."
I stayed up for the next installment in the Harry Potter flicks (we're on three) that the kiddo's have "re-discovered".  Then, the girls all sound asleep and carried to bed (OOF! They're getting BIG!) the boys and Mom had picked out a string of "scary movies"!  My cue to hit the sack!  I am SO not into scary/slasher movies, but they like 'em, so I curled up in bed and passed out!
Yes, as you could have guessed by all that, nothing much to chat about in regards to folks met or such. We did manage to put out one newbie (DON'T JUDGE ME!!!  This one was a FULL part's replacement) and get a second one all the way done, only to realize that the spindle was too long ad the front derailleur wouldn't hit the top gear!  ARRGH!  This one is going to be a sweet one too!  OLD SCHOOL Raleigh MTB, we've tweaked a bit into a more road friendly model.  It's components were also WAY gone(MAN!  Kicking myself for not doing a before and after on THIS one!!)  but I love these old hardtails, so she's got a full reboot, complete with a nice new set of road slicks.  Would be PERFECT if they were 1.5's BUT....we use what we got!  She'll be ready shortly after I finish up here, then it's on to any number of goodies I have to toy with!  Still on pause with the truck, as the axle hasn't come in yet *sad face*! 
(Don't you hate that?  Thinking you've got something important to say, but can't remember what the hell it is?)
Of course, in the interest of Mom' sanity, and the unpredictability of teenagers, Kaleb will be serving time at the shop with Dad each day, where I can keep a firm eye on him, and of course, the "summer rotation" of one other child per day, started, and, like biting a bullet and pouring alcohol on an open wound...Owen is first!  Yes...I kid...because it's funny!  Actually, he' been doing real well lately, and aside for his penchant for being WAY to energetic first thing in the day, he's behaving himself! 
OKEY DOKEY!  I'd bet get a move on, before I become part of this chair!
See ya! 

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ONLY $85.00!!!

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  1. Well that explains the ease of my ride around town this morning: NO SCHOOL!

    A stop by Daddy's Day Care Detention & Bicycle Emporium is at the top of my Thursday To-Do list!