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Monday, June 1, 2015

DUM, di di DUM...BONANZA!!!

Although it's Monday, honestly, doesn't feel like I ever left!  Those of you keeping score at home, will already know, we came in yesterday to try and get caught up on the overflow, and get further along on the truck!  Finally have it in the second coat of purple, but as I have to shut off the AC each night (or it' a block of ice in the morning) the paints still bloody tacky!  Jeez!  So, I have two fans aimed at it, and going to take the waiting time to get the repairs caught up.  Yes, I had intended on working on those yesterday, but the new builds were going along so smoothly, I just kept at it!  More fodder for the mill! Slightly disappointed, though, as I am REALLY wanting to see this thing together!
 Saturday?  Did I comment on it yesterday?  Enh, too lazy to check.  SOOOOO, sent two to new homes, which is not all too surprising, as I allowed the new build to fall behind, so didn't have much too show.  ARRGH!!  With all the folks that came in, probably should have kept on top of it (slamming head on wall) but, you have to give somewhere, to get what need's doin', done!
(damn, apparently I have a fly emotionally attached to me, right now, because the bloody thing won't leave me alone!  Hey!  I showered!  SHOOO!)
Of course, had a small run of repairs, but as my bay was littered with wood working stuff, couldn't get to them, until today of course! 
The older boys are, regrettably, learning that Mom and Dad are not kidding about the recent clamp down.  Of course, in their own way, they are trying to buck the system.  Elijah learned (I HOPE) last night, when he decided to go to the store with his friend, who arrived unannounced at midnight last night! (OH YES!  This is how brain dead teenagers are today!) that when Dad says NO guests after 9 pm, he means it.  Of course, him being over the age of nineteen, he is technically an adult, thereby can decide what he does outside the house, but I informed him, as Mom and Dad were headed to bed when he dropped the whole "going to the store" thing,  Dad doesn't leave the door unlocked when he does so,  if he should choose to leave at that moment, he would have to find another place to sleep for the evening.  He shrugged, and said "I understand, sir"  OKEY DOKE!  Obviously, his plan was, as is his norm, wait for someone to get up, then come in and go to bed.  They apparently hung around outside, until I came out to have my morning coffee, and then came in and crashed in his room.
Heh.  Then, arising Angela, she came out for her wake up juice, and only then discovered what had transpired the night before with him.  She had thought he went to work after she fell asleep on the couch, but upon realizing he had in fact, just hung out for the evening, and as he does not have to work again for a couple days, informed him he was NOT sleeping the day away, as she, generously, tries diligently to keep the girls quiet on the days he is sleeping after working.  There was NO way she was going to sequester the girls because he just wanted to hang out last night!  Kaleb, is another story all together.  His delusions  and disregard is hitting critical mass, and suffice to say, he discovered yesterday, that he can only push SO far. No, violence was NOT involved, but "Zero Tolerance" kicked in!  Things with him are going to break...soon.  I just hope for his sake, the break is in him realizing he has gone too far. 
OK, that's about it for our soap opera.  Now, I'd best get back at it!
See ya soon!!

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  1. So, if The Simpsons are to be believed, I think you can sell the boys in Mississippi. Have you tried Craig's List?