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Thursday, June 11, 2015 least I got my tool's back!

So, yea...had to go back in this morning and give them another deposit on the taxes.
The frustrating thing about this was, they made SUCH a big deal that I HAD to be in BEFORE noon time, like some paradox would form and all life as we know it would vaporize in an instant if I was a second late.
SO, this morning, even before the sun was up, I got up, shot to the bank and waited.  As it turns out, fate wasn't quite done with us, and in my own stupidity, realized...I forgot a check! 
SOOOOo, had to jet back to the house, wake Angi, have her sign another check, which she was gracious enough to do, having been awoken by me with a modicum of panic, then I shot back to the bank, only having to wait, after the last bus had driven past, because, even though we have been banking at the same branch, for over two years, with the same tellers, doing deposit and cashing checks three to four times a week, only to be told...her signature did not match what they had on file!?!?!
Standing at the drive through, having to wait for the home office to open, so they could fax a copy over and have them check it against their records only to find....yep, it's good! 
Really.  Fate and the Cosmos, sitting over a cup of Joe, just hadn't had enough fun with us yet!
Needless to say, in order to get there by the deadline, I had to call a cab.  Be thankful I averted the destruction of our Universe.
ONLY to find, once I hurriedly ran into their office...the agent I met with yesterday...had the day off!  It was simply a matter of me handing the money over to a teller and getting  a receipt! 
All that?  And I didn't even have to SIGN anything?
ANYWAY, at least that trial is behind us, and thankfully, being forced to take a cab, was not necessarily a bad thing (excepting the driver was a recruiting Scientologist...Clearwater....go figure!) as it got me back to the shop a lot quicker then the bus, and given the pile of repairs that have backed up, I need the extra time! 
However, I'm taking this time to just recoup.
Last night, after doing the nighttime thing and the girls in bed, we acquiesced to Logan's desire to watch the M. Knight Shalyman film "Signs".  Now, when I watched this the first time, I was not all that impressed, as I felt the pacing was a tad bit plodding, not your normal "alien invasion" film.  But, the second time around, perhaps with the distance of age and altering sensibilities, I enjoyed it much more this time around.  The focus on a more personal reaction and character interaction in the wake of a world altering catastrophe set against the backdrop of a personal tragedy, earlier on in the characters lives, and how all the subtle coincidences melded into the conclusion of the story, not to mention the more subtle (and truthfully scarier) visuals of the aliens, made it all that more entertaining.  Definitely a film worth revisiting, if you reacted the same way I did, first time you saw it.
Okay, now, with my meandering thoughts down, I best get a move on and get some thing done!
Oh, by the by, did actually manage to put two newbies out yesterday!  One is a lightweight, alloy frame Mixie single speed custom jobby, and the other is a Fuji Silhouette Sports Hybrid, small frame!  Real sharp looking!
OK, that's it!
image 1
ONLY $170.00!!

image 1
ONLY $280.00!!!


  1. You built an alley cat with no front brake?


    (And a way cool bike!)

  2. Yes, I know, somewhat sacrilege, however, this not necessarily being an "alley cat" town, the thought of someone pitching over the handle bars, as they are not used to the riding style, fills me with a tad bit of trepidation. This one had a rear end that would line up on the chain, still have the rear end spacing balanced, so I figured "what the heck!"