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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” _Haruki Murikami

Oh the Florida skies!
Truth be known, I have always been a big fan of storms.  Torrential down pours, rumbling thunder echoing from hidden recesses within massive slate black clouds.  Even the comforting yet oppressive sheath of humidity, accompanied by the metallic scent of the oncoming onslaught.  Then there is the moment, if your patient enough to wait to feel it, that the temperature drops dramatically, and you realize you have about ten minuets to put your affairs in order, before the oncoming deluge!  This is queerly exciting, if you happen to be riding somewhere.  That sudden shift, and realization that you either better get to where you're going, or prepare to do an unexpected load of laundry!  (I carry a small zip lock bag with me at all times!  A must have for cell phones and other perishables!) 
Yesterdays daily rain, was a little disappointing though, as it only rained long enough to make things unbearably humid!  UGH!  But, in retrospect, if that's all the troubles we have this season, I'LL TAKE IT!  Last year was so bad, we entertained the thought of shifting stock to inflatable rafts and personal water craft!  SHEESH! 
We managed to keep rather busy none the less!  I got a hair across my buttocks, and with nothing else to occupy my time, took advantage of the fact that Terry hadn't come and picked up his table saw yet, and that I had left over lumber from the truck project and put some of it to good use and expanded the video shelves somewhat!  I was getting tired of looking at the jumble of crates on the floor.  We are far from a "pristine" shopping experience, but even that mess was too much.  Even broke down and got rid of the tapes without cases (except for the delightful re-discovery of the BBC's production of "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" and the complete set of "Fawlty Towers") although for a brief moment I contemplated doing an art project of sorts with the older tapes, but thought better of it! 

Ahhhh.  SO much cleaner! (although, ick, I really need to have these floors cleaned!)  Even created more space for MORE videos!  Heh, heh!  Although, at the moment, I have completely abandoned the concept of alphabetizing the stock!  Even got a spot for "Managers Picks!"  Obviously, not new releases, but each week I'll feature a few of my faves! 
Gotta send a shout out to ALL the folks that keep passing our name around!  PLEASE, keep it up!  Not to mention the minor leaguers over at the ball field who are quickly becoming a whole subset of patrons!  These are BIG guys, not at all easy on bikes, who are keeping me rather busy either "swapping out" rides or doing repairs.  Not warranty work, mind you, but....well, I replaced a fifth wheel yesterday.  I have NO idea WHAT they are doing with these bikes, but they are more then realistic in  recognizing part failure from abuse!  Also, had a nice young lady and her mom come in on a referral from somebody who over heard them talking at Kmart while perusing the rides there, and told them they should check us out first.  She had a real hard time deciding between the "Pub Crawler" (she's into kitch!) and the ladies aluminum MTB we had.  Prudence and practicality won out on that one.  Also, the ball player was visiting us with his girl, and as they waited for me to fix up his ride, she convinced him she needed a bike too, and snagged up the dual shock jobby we had, primarily because it had a gell seat!  Hey!  Priorities!  And a young mother of triplets (oh...I shudder to think if we had three of OUR kids at the same time!) needing to upgrade all their bikes, but after her and her hubby had scoured the area looking for something other then a hundred bucks a pop on 12" bikes, was near to giving up when she sent out a plaintive plea to her friends circle on Facebook, and some unknown benefactor alerted her to our presence!  She came in and was quite thrilled to find a cute little girls 12" for $15.00!  She was not shy to exclaim she wish she had known about us first!  Seems her hubby had broken down and bought one of the aforementioned rides for their older boy.  So sorry to hear! 
For today?  Well we picked up a nice set of hybrid bangers yesterday, so I'm jumping on those, as soon as I slam out a couple of minor repairs, post haste! 
So, here's hoping that today brings a lot our way to keep us hopping!
See ya soon!

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