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Friday, June 12, 2015

Back To Normalacy! *Shudder*

First, an apology for "not doing my job"!  Twas brought to my attention, via E-mail (luckily, today was one of the rare times I actually CHECKED our E-mail!) that a young lady was interested in one of the rides we had listed in the blog's "Still Here" column!  A bike that was sold yesterday as it turned out.  This sparked my memory that it had been a few days since I checked the listings, and when I did, realized how WOEFULLY out of date it was!  Granted, it's only been a few days since I updated it, but a few days around here can bring about a full stock turn over!  Not to mention a whole world of excitement!  SOOOOO, it is now brought up to speed!  Luckily, for her, since the ride up herEwould have been for naught, that she thought to communicate before making the trip!  But a side note folks, call or text with any questions, as Yahoo is SOOO bloody slow and frustrating, I rarely check it! 
OK, so after my trip into State funded lunacy yesterday, came in and got right back on the horse!  The Alley Cat I had put out, sold likety split to one of our regulars, who professes "he buys ALL the cool customs we make that he can get his hands on"!  WOW!  Thank YOU sir!  I know we've seen him MANY times!  He must have one heck of a full garage!! 
Also, sent the Raleigh Big Boy to a new home, finally!  Surprising how that one held out for almost two weeks!  That's...old man status around here! 
As I had mentioned, yesterday was pretty much all about the repairs, as just over the two days I was running about "higgley-piggley" they stacked up...HIGH!  Most came in and snagged them up, although I have a couple hangers on, and one, for the life of me...I can't find their number! ARRGH!  Hope they check in soon! 
Then it was on to newbies!!  Put out a sweet Cannondale F500 MTB (got no idea of the year, although I speculate early 00'S (TAKE THAT Mr. Y2K!!) because these suckers are hard to date!) lightweight alloy hopper!  Also, a very unique Dutch Collapsible 20" adult "Pub Crawler" with an integrated rear rack, perfect for carrying a 12 pack!  LOVE the cute handpainted "lizard" head badge!  Today seems to be mounting up to be more repairs as well, having gotten two in first thing!  Just taking the time to imbibe enough caffeine, as last night was M. Knight Shamalayn time again, with a late night viewing of Sixth Sense that didn't put me to bed until around 1.30am!  WOOF!
Well, best get started and make use of myself!
Hope to see y'all soon!

ONLY $80.00!!
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image 1
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ONLY $290.00!!

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  1. Wow, cool folder!

    And only A THIRD the price of the cheapest Dahon.

    Actually, a little less than a third...