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Saturday, June 27, 2015


And the award for "Best Imitation of a Drowned Rat" goes too....
"I'd like to thank the academy and all my fellow competitors...
Yes, that moment when you are two minuets into your ride and you feel the sudden shift in temperature, clearly notice the dark gray clouds encroaching upon you, and spur yourself on in the naïve hopes that you'll actually make it to your destination, dry!
HAHA!! Silly fool! 
And of course; three minutes into the deluge ,Suzanne, a real coward when it comes to rain fall, determines her best recourse is to lay down in the grass!  It took some coaxing to convince her to just move so we could get to dryer climates as quickly as possible.  Thank heavens the old T-Shirts I brought up here last week to turn into rags had not yet been torn into such!  Now...I just got the sticky undercarriage to attend too!
Recently, learned the importance of product placement, that I should have always realized!  We have been selling videos here for well over a year now, and they are not what one may call a "banner crop".  However, recently, after acquiring the racks from next door, two of them were three shelved rolling carts not unlike the rolling book shelves that libraries use.  I plopped some of the excess titles we had on them and rolled them outside in front of the shop, and lo and behold, folks have discovered "WOW!  You sell VHS and DVD's!?!"  Yes, turns out there are a lot of folks out there as tactile as we are, and would rather have a physical copy of a film, in deference to a download or stream!  YAY for old school! 
(heh...don't you love ride in a constant rain, get soaking wet, then five minuets after you get to where you're going, the clouds break up, sun pokes through and everything's dry!  THANKS!  Thanks' a lot!)   
As it turns out, the bulk of what we did yesterday were video sales, and one group of children, in tow with their big sister, stumbled upon them on the way to the corner store, and were so excited to see all the Disney films, I got a round of "High Fives" and the unanimous declaration that we were now "their favorite store!"  SWEET!  (and thank god they bought the other copy of "Sharpe's Adventure" or whatever that thing was called!  ICK!  Tiny ankle biter dog with bling goes to the big city, Disney flick.)
Sent home the Trek Pure with a couple who knew exactly what they were looking for.  Just walked in, pulled it out and said "we're ready!"  As always, we thank everyone for their trust in taking care of their repairs, we really appreciate y'all coming in!
"Anthony's First Time" finally posted to Kindle yesterday, and has thus far outsold the first one!  YAY!  And I know, this time around none of it was family driven, as I hadn't even sent any of them a link yet.  Perhaps, due somewhat to the content and message of the story, which, as it turns out is VERY topical given the not-so-surprising Supreme Court ruling in final acceptance of everyone's right to marry!
SO, I was able to find a lot to keep me busy yesterday, thankfully, as Kaleb rooted around and found a decent set of 26" alloy rims for the GT, so I was able to bang that beauty out!  Oh, she took some WORK to get looking good, and once again, I kick myself for not doing a before and after pick, as the transition was miraculous!  This poor thing was obviously a lawn ornament for a number of years, and needed a COMPLETE tear down and FULL replacement of everything except the crank set and rear derailleur (and the frame of course) but in the process I updated it to wield a set of 3/7 integrated shifters, a Deore front derailleur, a NEW set of 26 X 1.5 road slicks, (with el-thicko thorn resistant tubes!) and an alloy head set!  Lightened her up somewhat, and gave her a more aggressive "urban commuter" feel!  WHAT A GEM!  Also, we got in, processed and put out a cheapie cheap 26" Ladies 15 speed DBS! 
Once that was all done, cleaned the bay out of wheels, doing the spoke and hub strip shuffle, and the relatively full bucket of "leftovers", effectively, leaving me with nothing to do today!
(except straighten the wheel rack.....)
OH, as a SIDE NOTE!  This morning, while opening up the blog, doing the whole "comments check and respond" thing, I accidently discovered that our blog has a "Spam Filter" feature, inadvertently clicking on it, sadly, I discovered where ALL our out of country comments had gone!  I often times have been curious, given the amount of International readers we have, why we never received some kind of feedback, good, bad or otherwise.  Well, we did.  And we did to a tune in excess of a few hours worth of reading!  Seems that BlogSpot (not the best or easy to function outlets) systematically dumped everything NOT from the US into the Spam file!  So to all our International friends, please except my most sincere apologies for this unfortunate oversight!  We DO value your input, and I so wish I knew enough about how to interpret the site as to be able to alter and feature your comments, but alas, I ain't that skilled!  I WILL however, now make a point of checking the SPAM each day, in order to respond to legitimate comments!
Well, with that, guess I better put my thinking cap on and figure out something to do! 

image 1
ONLY $55.00!!
image 1
ONLY $130.00!!!

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