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Friday, June 5, 2015

Reincarnation Is Achieved Merely By Waking Each Morning!

HUZZAH!!!  The axel FINALLY came in today for the truck! So, she goes in the rack very shortly and get the build up in expectation of her rear end getting fixed up!  YAY!  Should have the whole pic spread tomorrow!  Frankly, I'll be glad to have the behemoth done and gone!  Quite an odd experience trying to explain to folks why there's a miniature coffin in the shop!  Not to mention the whole tripping over the frame thing.  Managed to put....three (?) out yesterday.  I think.  I'll check it when I go to post the pics.  Truly, getting to the point right now, after almost nine years of doing this, the process of rebuilding a bike has shifted it's position in my brain to one of "involuntary actions" so I forget, sometimes, what I have actually done!   Actually tested the theory once and discovered that the act of tuning a set of derailleurs and brakes can be done with your eye's closed...literally!  Good to know, just in case it's true what they say about that and I really DO go blind! 
Just kept trying to keep myself busy...
(OPPS!  Just remembered, built two yesterday, but posted three because the picture of the MTB we built the day before would not transfer from my phone!  THAT'S IT!!  At least I'm not going senile!)
and finished up the gorgeous Raleigh MTB!  OH, this one is a PEACH!!!  Lightweight frame, we outfitted her with a nice new set of road meat, turning it, effectively, into a real sweet urban commuter.  OH, don't let what some other folks may tell you about having to spend big bank to pick up some light weight, HEAVY price speedster to zip about town!  Oh Nay, Nay!! These old rides are PERFECT for the Florida "WHAT?  We have BICYCLES on the road?!" riding!  Nice rigid frame, minimal flex, these puppies can take the abuse of expansion joints in sidewalks and those annoying ripples at the outer edge of the roads (which we always get stuck rumbling over in lieu of the "car drivers" preferential treatment!  The thick rubber will help too, as, unfortunately, most drivers around here are unaware that their are other CARS on the road too!!  Either that, or they are WAY too busy with their cell phone to be bothered looking out that big glass window in front of them!  Needless to say, Ambulance's and Tow Truck's are BIG business around here!  BUT, no one EVER cleans up the debris on the blasted road!  Long way of  saying, LOT'S of jagged junk strewn about the outer edges of the road! 
Went on to bang out the freebie we got which turned out to be a really clean, almost new, 26" Dual Shock DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!   Only needed a front derailleur, one tire change, a good truing and tune up, and she's a gem!  Could have put her out for more, but as I said, she was a freebie! 
Also, pulled out a ride that has been sitting in bone row for almost six months.  She's a sweet old Fuji "Mt. Fuji" MTB that was brought in for repairs, woe these many months!  Truly...I HATE impounding someone's ride, really.  We have only done it three other times in all these years, but several attempts were made to contact the owner, and twice guarantees to come in and pick it up were faulted on.  Now, after two months of trying to contact, and no response, we just have to get rid of it.  SOOO, the bonus is for YOU!  We are selling it for only the total cost of the repairs!  CHA-CHING!!  She's a little rough in the paint, but a really excellent ride! 
OOF!  Hard to write this with a fifty pound dog in your lap!  This time of the morning is Suzanne's cuddle time!  And if I DON'T...she stands up behind me, paws pushing down on my shoulder and roots around on my head!  Messes up the product, man! 
The Axel is here! "HAPPY PANTS DANCE!!!"  SO, I am off to finish another Masterpiece!!! 
*cough, cough!*
See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $85.00!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $75.00!!


  1. Man, I can not WAIT to see that Purple People Eater done!

  2. hopefully....we'll have a pic spread and walk through by the end of the day!