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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Oh....Did I Mention?

I should have mentioned earlier that we were, in fact, open today! 
Late notice, eight minuets before closing! 
SO sorry for that!  Came in to catch up on the repairs that came in yesterday, as we were off having a blast at the Rat Rod Show! 
Some unknown benefactor left a bevy of goodies on our doorstep, so we send a boisterous THANK YOU for all the goodies!  The Ladies Giant Rincon that was left should be a fun project!  After finishing up the repairs went to work on an excellent DAILY BANGER SPECIAL candidate, pic below! 
Also, used the day as a good excuse to get the place picked up a wee bit!  Last week, several of the folks returning North left some care packages for the family, and I thought I sent all the perishables home the day they came in...opps.  Upon opening one box I, regretfully, discovered where the odd smell was coming from!  
No Harm, No Foul!
OH!  And while I'm thinking about it, finally got the Twitter account rolling!  Check out "Re-cycle bicycles" for the up to the on what we got going out! Yep!  For all those folks looking for "THAT" ride, this will be a quick, easy way to see what we're cranking out!  If you see something you like just give us a holler and let us know you're coming in to snag it!
Now, promised the kiddos I'd bring them to the park for a little bit, so I guess I best get a move on!
See ya soon!

ONY $70.00!!

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