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Monday, May 2, 2016

Don't Try To Force Feed A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Okay, okay, okay...this is just to freaking weird!
A little back story; once again I have become steeped in the quagmire of the Florida Department of Revenue, the self same agency that gives bureaucracy a bad name!  Due to a few late payments, we have a wee bit of penalties to pay, and whereas you may think it would be a simple matter to get an accurate total of what's due, well, that thinking can only apply to agencies that actually have a clue as to what they are doing! No, I have been on the phone, every day for the last three weeks TRYING to get my assigned "Tax Specialist" on the horn to give me the info.  In that time I have been able to speak to him ONCE, last Wendsday.  During that brief contact he merely stated we "needed to pay" to which I responded, somewhat irritably; "how much?!" His response was that he had left the info on my voice mail.  With assurances that I would call him right back, I checked.  No voicemail message from him, but when I called him back three minuets his voicemail, and so it has been the remainder of the week.  But here's the kicker!  Saturday, as is part of my every day ritual, I went on line to check my banking activity, and lo and behold saw that the DOR had cashed two payments on the 22nd...but on the 29th...returned them?  No, they didn't bounce, they just...paid it back?
Perplexed, I called Tallahassee this AM to inquire as to what the deal was...and the "Tax Specialist" stated that they, in fact, HAD NOT refunded me any money, and in fact had credited my account?!  UM.... well.... all I know is the exact amounts I had paid had been refunded a week later into my account, and that I would be more then happy to send them a screenshot as proof.  Here's the funny part...the "Tax Specialist" actually became annoyed and adamant that I was mistaken!  That they in fact had NOT returned it, that in fact it MUST be a banking error!  Well...I talked to the bank on Sunday (24 hour service...YAY!) and THEY swear that the DOR returned it!
( this point envision a cartoon character with his head vibrating violently then a Spanners Style cranial explosion!)
Okay...fine!  I tried to do the RIGHT thing (again) and was slammed HARD against a brick wall!  No worries!  I'll take my toys and go home!
Back at it again today, and going to try and bang out a few newbies! YEE-HA! 
Hope to see you folks today!

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