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Saturday, May 28, 2016


S'Okay! Weird bloody week!  I don't know where my head has been at, but every day this week I have been was another day!  I mean, yea, it happens to us all, we're working on what we think is the last day of the week, only to find out two hours before the end of's only THURSDAY!!  ARRGH!  That's a HORRIBLE feeling!  But no, it's been almost every day!  SHEESH!  Someone is way messing with my internal clock!  BUT... got a real "out of the blue" shock yesterday at the plant.  I'd just started shift and was doing my forklift inspection, when the two big bosses, Phil and Ron came up to me and uttered the ominous words "Steven....we have to talk".  It's that bloody pause after your name that starts the mind racing with the question "OH HELL!  What did I do?!"  Then.... Ron looked at Phil and asked "....should we do it here, or somewhere private"  AH DAMN!  I am in trouble! 
Then they informed me...I was getting a promotion and a raise! 
HAHAHA!! Very Funny!  Give a guy a heart attack!  They dead panned it awesome!  Had me going for a few moments!  But seriously, they are moving me out of shipping and they're going to have me trained to run the metal and pipe molding department, 2nd shift!  WOWZERS!!  See kids!  Hard work DOES pay off!  Not to mention they asked me to train my replacement.  I know, doesn't seem like a huge deal, but it does make you feel proud of yourself that they recognize your desire to work. 
So anywho, on to the bike biz!  This week, as with most weeks leading up to a holiday, has been quiet.  I have embraced this relative solitude to nap...I (ok, nap a wee bit) on some newbies!  Well, those and repairs.  Managed to put out three today and MAN are a couple of them SAH-WEEEEET!  No, not knocking the third one, but it's  standard DAILY BANGER SPECIAL, and although it's a chromium, with the sharp green paint, the other two outshine it.  First, is a classic Schwinn trail bike.  I love these old rides that competed with the makes of Giants and Specialized for dominance in their time, and even though Wal-Mart has totally screwed up the name of Schwinn today, these ones were built WELL!  And, little industry secrets...same components as their temporaries...but at a lower cost!  This one is extra clean with a NEW set of road tires to make it a real cherry commuter.  The other is a consignment piece with hardly any road time on it!  A GORGEOUS Jamis sports hybrid (2014) and in EXCELLENT shape! Check out the pics below!
Also, today, finally found a home for the TomCat built in the USA ride that has been here for far to long considering it's quality and low price, as well as bringing in a few more repairs!  Thanks to all the folks for their trust, not to mention all the other folks that referred them to us!  You are so SWEET!
Worked late tonight trying to clear a path through all the debris in the back so as to make some room to work!  Not to mention tearing down a couple more rides to get built up tomorrow!  I have a long weekend from the plant so I'll have plenty of time to get through a lot of the rides that have been stacking up! 
Alrighty!  Now, time to lie me head down and get some rest!  See y'all in the A of M!

ONLY $340.00!!

ONLY $105.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!!


  1. Hey, congrats on the promotion and raise!

    You rock! (But you knew that, right?)

  2. Thank you sir! Now...if they can only find a suitable replacement for me in shipping...SHEESH!! you'd think with all the people whining that there's no work available, they'd stick around for more then a day!