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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Conscious Once Again!

Hail and a hearty, ROWSDOWER!! 
After a few days of enduring insomnia I FINALLY got a full nights sleep last night!  WHEW!  Was beginning to think my brain would never shut down!  Once you start got issues!  But, back at it and trying to get all the things that I let slide over those days back in order.  Cleaning the shop first thing this AM was imperative! Then on to repairs that have started to back up.  I had to do overtime at the plant yesterday so the shop became Romper Room with the kiddos in charge.  Well, a very capable Logan was in charge, but the rest of the brood just "showed up" after school with Elijah to hang out. 
So, this week has been a little quiet, as we sit under a tropical depression that doesn't seem to be amounting to anything but icky humidity!  This of course leads me to the seasonal lesson of when to ride!  Early morning, after dark!  That easy! And bring LOTS of water!
LOTS of looky loo's today.  Sometimes I just want to shout out "Grab it now!  Won't be here when you come back!  But I bite my tongue.  That's a no-win situation.  Someone comes in and really likes a ride but want's to "think about it" or "go check a few more places".  Sheesh. Inevitably the ones that do the later, always come back if they really want to ride, as they have gone to "other places", seen the prices, waited for the ambulance crews to restart their hearts, then rush back here.  Unfortunately, all too often, what they were looking at is already gone.  Such was the case first thing this morning.  And this time, I felt real sorry for the guy.  He'd traveled quite a distance to get here, lured by a Craigslist ad to check out the six speed cruiser we HAD.  He rode it, liked it and was thrilled with the price....but....he figured while he was in the area he'd check out a couple more shops to see what they offered. 
....six minutes later....
another gent came in with a REAL nice Schwinn Protocol, wanting not to ride the lower profile bars, and wanted something upright for tooling along the Pinellas Trail.  He snagged the cruiser right up and left a happy camper.  Then, true to course, the first gentleman came back in about an hour later, with the residual look of "oh my GOD" sticker shock on his face after viewing others wares, clutching his $75.00 ready to snag up the cruiser.  Folks, it's all I can do NOT to shrug an "I told you so" kind of shrug!  Trouble is, if I try to ever tell a new friend that they need to buy it now, I just come off like a high pressure salesman, and I can't STAND high pressure salesman!  Trouble is, we don't get in a lot of multi speed cruisers, no telling when another will come through our door.  I hated to see him go home empty handed!
All right, enough jawing from me, best get my hinester in gear!

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  1. So do I need to make you a pointy stick that you can use to tap and point at the Ten Minute Rule Countdown Clock?

    I'll do it. Don't think I won't!