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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Typical Timely Tuesday

Hunkerin' Down to more "Desk-Top" time!
With a little help from Elijah, we got the Facebook Page up and running again (Re-cycle Bicycles...that simple! Check It out and Friend us for up to date info on all the goings-on and latest additions to the line up!) and our Twitter (again...Re-Cycle Bicycles... notice a pattern?) so you can get 140 characters (or less) of whimsical wisdom and the newbies right as they roll off the line!  We figured, best to stop fighting the march of progress and jump on board!  Helps those looking for "THAT" ride to get first dibs! 
Yesterday was pretty brisk, I must say!  Had several more repairs, a good sign for a Monday, and took a classic Motobecane Mixie frame out of moth balls and built her up, nice and pretty!  Then, about four minuets later, she went to a new home with a very excited young lady eager to get back into riding, post haste!  Hey!  We don't begrudge you your enthusiasm! We include the photo below, just as proof we DID do something yesterday!
Today, as I said, the computer is all warmed up and waiting as I begin, once again, to enter the convoluted world of....EBAY!  *SHUDDER*
Oy.  Sometimes, it proves to be profitable but others, it can quickly become a time consuming Juggernaut!  Hopefully the prior will prove true this time around. 
I will try and only delegate a little time each day to it, as last summer I all but allowed it to consume my time.  Don't want to let everything else slide, this time round!
Okay! With that, I best get a crackin'!
See ya soon!
Nope, didn't last long AT ALL!

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