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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Daredevil and Elektra (sorry, once you read'll get it!)

Often times I will degrade into a self righteous rant in regards to the carelessness and danger of the car driver, but today I even the playing fields by recognizing and admonishing the actions of some fool hearty cyclists. 
Unfortunately, I do see, from time to time, cyclists taking far to many unnecessary risks, and due to some unknown sense of entitlement, perhaps as there mode of transportation is somewhat more maneuverable than a car, end up breaking simple traffic laws.  Such actions as ignoring traffic signals, cutting through intersections, or crossing the street diagonally without the use of a crosswalk all could result in fatalities, which they don't seem to recognize could be THEIR fatality!  Let's face it, even if you're sitting at the crosswalk waiting on the signal and once you get it...just cross without so much as a backward glance to check for cars making a right hand turn.  Oooo.  I've seen my fair share of clips and crashes because the bike rider couldn't be bothered to glance over his shoulder at the quickly oncoming right hand turn.  Look, fellow cyclists, doesn't matter IF you had the right of way, IF you get smacked by 2000+ pounds of fun? do the math! 
The reason I squawk about this, is this morning on the way to work I was at the dreaded intersection of Union and Patricia waiting for the light.  At that moment a car traveling North turned into the Right Hand turning lane wait to "Right on Red".  My cross signal came on, but being neighborly a waved the young woman to take her turn before I crossed.  As she was just starting to move a cyclist I didn't hear flew up from behind me, and even though I was CLEARLY waiting at the light for some reason, he veered around me. launch off the edge of the median with an impressive bunny hop and flew into the intersection without so much as a head twitch from right to left!  The young lady panicked and slammed on her breaks, and even though her infant was securely nestled in his car seat, the sudden head slam startle him and started him crying!  Seriously folks, is there ANYWHERE you need to be SO BAD that paying with your life would be worth it?
Let's get it together, and look out for each other!
Okay, public service announcement over!
Thanks to everyone for coming out and paying us a visit yesterday, and as has been the case this week, didn't put out anything new, as I was doing repairs all day.  NOT that there's anything wrong with that!  We DID, however get in a SWEET consignment piece!  The ever popular, HIGLY sought after (but tough to find) Townie Elektra pedal forward cruiser!  OH YES!!  and this one is CHERRY!!  Bought less than a year ago and rode three times!  nIIIIIIIIIIIce!  Check it out below!
I have one more repair for today, then I am hoping with fingers crossed, that I can get on to some of these newbies!
SO, better stop yappin' and get at it!

ONLY $240.00!!!!!

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