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Saturday, May 7, 2016


If y'all didn't get the point yesterday, today, being the weekend, should have alerted you to the inescapable conclusion that...IT'S FREAKING GORGEOUS OUTSIDE!!  If you are currently in a semi prone position, reclining or even sitting, please, GET OFF YOUR BUTT'S AND GET OUTSIDE!!!, no.. not yet, finish reading first!
We had Logan open up this morning and Owen and I went and paid Bullet a visit to grab some supplies for the shop.  Loved the ride!  And Ooooooooh...If you are out and in the mood for some barbeque, there's a trailer/smoker set up just before the train tracks on North Highland whose smells will make your taste buds leap off your tongue and go a runnin'!  Had the cash I was carrying not been ear marked for bike parts...well I'd be still sitting there working on my second helping of pulled pork and collard greens!  It has WAY too long since I had a good batch of homemade collard greens! stomach is rumbling just thinking about it!
But, yea, it is perfect weather for getting out and exploring such wonders, today!  And trust me, I don't think we have much time left to enjoy this mildly cooler weather before the sweaty indignity of summer will be upon us!  You know, the point where the only option for outside entertainment is standing inside the mall looking out the sliding glass doors, as they slowly start to melt!
This week has been a WAY quite one, although oddly enough, the biggest thing folks have been searching for is three wheelers?  Weird.  We haven't had anyone looking for one all during retiree season, then, the minute they head back up North, everyone wants one!
Sad Face.
Unfortunately, the only one we have gotten in the last six months was WAY to far gone and only worthy of parts.  It had an ok bolt on rear end good enough for another truck, or given the right frame coming in, possibly a home made three wheeler. We'll have to see!
Yesterday was allocated to trying to get the eBay up and running, then some much needed cleaning and organization (not to mention catching up on repairs) then on to Newbies!  I did manage to get out one sharp looking Mongoose DXR AL dual shock MTB, but the other two I put in the rack, another 26" DBS (which turned out to have a crack in the frame) and a sweet looking ladies Free Spirt 3 speed that unfortunately had  wheels so badly riddle with small dents, she needed to end up going back on the back burner until such a time as I actually get in a good enough set to replace them.  So, yea...only one newbie out after a lot of effort. 
Today though, after doing up the final repair (that needed the aforementioned parts run) I'll be back on some of the goodies from out back.  We have a couple cruisers out there, and folks are looking for them as well!
So, with that, best get my butt in gear and get some work done!
See y'all soon!

ONLY $85.00!!!

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