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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WHY We Do It!

So, yea...every now and then, there is that little nagging voice in the back of my mind, that I always end up dismissing but there is that briefest of moments where i sometimes ponder: "hmmmmmm?"  Most often that voice chimes in right after a long slew of "Daddy Language" usually in accompaniment to hard wrenching on some tired piece of steel, that just doesn't want to give up the grave!  Sacrilegious expressions such as "It's just a Huffy!  SCRAP IT!"  or "What a USELESS piece of SH......winn!" have a tendency to jettison from the evil, vitriol spewing demon seed, obviously spawned from some unholy coupling of a "Boutique" Bike shop employee and a conservative radio talk show host!
*shudder*  (visualize THAT! some wafer thin, arrogant, wormy guy in a Khaki shirt with the mouth the size of Rush Limbaugh!  AHHHHHHHHH!!!)
BUT, the Self-righteously indignant side of me, ignores it's caterwauling and just keeps on going!  For, I can tell you, a bike has to be SERIOUSLY gone (like "frame damage" gone) for us to give up on it, regardless of what the graphics on it's sides denote it to be!  We'd rather an old piece of steel get a second life, than become imbedded in a landfill somewhere! 
It's with that very "Mission Statement" stuck firmly in my craw, did I persevere through the below pictured Huffy.  She was pretty rough when I pulled her from the pile, but like all rides, they need a second chance to shine!  So, check out the before and after and I'm gonna get started on the other goodies we snagged up yesterday!
See ya soon!



  1. Hey, that one came out GREAT!

    (And at least it's not a Murray!)

  2. Oh, my love of Murrays runs deep.