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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 just impacted on the surface.... (or...101 Uses For A Dead Taun Taun)

Yea...I WAY slacked off today!
In all fairness, it wasn't all my fault!  First up, when I got home yesterday morning at 3 am Elijah was still awake.  And he has to be up at FIVE to get to work!  He has bouts of insomnia and couldn't fall asleep (a side effect of over stimulation) and didn't lay down until four.  I set my alarm for five and stayed up to make sure he made it out on time, so...I was a wee bit bushed.
I did TRY to work but the two projects I started on turned out to be frustrated, I set down for lunch...and got caught up in an episode of MST3K.
There goes the day!
My bad.
I'll do better tomorrow.
Also tried getting eBay up and running, and although I have our page kept crashing my internet connection when I tried to list.  Ah well. Try THAT again....tomorrow. Well, it was a very filthy night tonight in the rafters cleaning cobwebs!  no. Thats NOT a euphemism.  Literally...on a scafold vacuming up ten plus years of overzealous spiders!
I SO need a shower!
Until tomorrow.

Okay...It's tomorrow!  Not the greatest of starts!  Passed out on the couch last night, because after breathing in all the dust and cobwebs I KNEW it was going to be a SNORING night!  Angi need's her sleep too!  Was awoken...too bloody early, by Izzy standing on one side of me and Rozy on the other arguing over a shirt...LOUDLY! Apparently they thought the lump on the couch was yesterdays laundry!
As Angi was awake from getting Miranda ready and off to school, I flopped into bed for another couple Z's.  She got me up around nine, with coffee, and I reluctantly spilled out onto the floor, only to be greeted with the pitter patter of fat raindrops!
And to top it off...I left my boots on the porch last night!  Ugh!  Squishy feet!
The SHINING MOMENT IS...Today is May the Forth!  Do YOU know what day that is?!

YES!! The Annual day of celebrating ALL things STAR WARS!!
(well...except those GAWD AWFUL prequels!  THEY...NEVER...HAPPENED (insert Jedi Mind Wipe here))
I hope you have your celebratory plans ALL in order (me...*sigh*...I'll be sucking up more cobwebs probably....but I'm going to pretend the spiders are Stromtroopers and my vacuum is infused with the Force!) and I'd love it if any revelers would send me some pics I can post!  It'll be me living vicariously through you! 
Needless to say, though, showed up a wee bit late this morning, waiting for a break in the rain to make a run for it, BUT, I'm still going to try and bang out at least ONE!
Here's hoping!

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  1. The Fourth was with us! JoAnn and I spent yesterday at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the local hotbed of all things Star Wars. I wore my best "Yoda" and she was a rather fetching C3PO.

    Today is, of course, "Revenge of the Fifth".

    And I swear I did not just make that up.