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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

casual greetings

Well, I definitely wouldn't call it slacking off. Had every intention in the world to get started back up on the newbies, but ended up getting in a bunch of repairs today which had me jumping all day! A real big old shout out and thanks to all the folks for bringing in their rides for repairs and have absolutely no problem dedicating my day to keep them focused on the road.
But, unless there's a bunch of stuff waiting for me when I get there in the morning I'll get jumping back on the newbies as I have that hybrid commuter just sitting there looking at me, waiting!
Logan finished the day off pretty strong. Not sure if he sent any bikes to new homes or if it was all repair pickups but I'll find out in the morning. We still have quite a few to go through to get some more new stuff out. Took one long look at that me cruiser I got in that might just be a prime candidate for the road bike Cruiser hybrid that I want to come up with. But that may have to wait for a full day such as Friday as it's going to take some serious work but I may just end up tearing it down tomorrow to get started.
Definitely want to thank all the folks who kept the phone jumping today as well as it seems that a lot more folks are finding out about us lately. Whether they're coming in from out of state or they're just locals discovering, whichever works.
Well, tonight at the warehouse definitely kept me busy as I'm running on short steam. Gonna go ahead and sign off and take a shower and hit the sack.  I hope to see you all tomorrow!

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