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Monday, May 30, 2016

Yes, we ARE here today!

Saturday was fun, y'all!  Thanks for all the visits and helping to send some more rides to new homes! Not to mention the slew of repairs! We love that you chose us to keep you on the road.  One repair really helped demonstrate the dangers of buying a ride off the pages of Craigslist, though.  Young man (baring an uncanny resemblance to Wesley Crusher of Star Trek the Next Generation) picked up an Iron Horse 29'er, which isn't an altogether bad bike (although you really have to make sure the bottom bracket was not cross threaded at the factory)  with some decent parts, but even though the body on this one was in real nice shape, it had obviously sat in the elements for some time and everything was rusted solid.  PARTS SWAP!!  Yea, we usually try and save and repair what's there, but really couldn't in this case, just to far gone.  Needless to say, this rebuild took half the day, as each part had to be soaked in rusticate then manhandled free!  WOOF! At least now he has a real solid ride!
Did manage to put one out, a pretty sharp rebuild on a lightweight Motiv mountain bike, that if someone wanted to slap a pair of road tires on, would make a real nice commuter. 
One real cool thing, was a homecoming.  We built a way cool cruiser custom about five years ago, and it came back to the fold on Saturday.  It's going back in the rack in a little bit, a few tweaks, then back out on the line.  You'll want to come back to check out the pics tomorrow!  Or, later today on Facebook.
Alrighty! With that, I best get a move on and pump out some more newbies!
See ya!

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