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Thursday, May 5, 2016

I'd Love To Smack The Snooze Button On THAT Wake Up Call!!!

As promised we banged out one newbie today!  Quite the chore as I discovered...i am out of 26" rear wheels!?  Yeesh! Had to lace one up from scratch.  That's gonna mean a few rides being put on the back burner but may inspire me to tweak on some of the road bike frames I got kicken around!  We'll see.
With all the rain last couple days, visitors have been sparse, so the usual flow of fresh meat has been nothing to wrench on!  Maybe time to dip into the yard stock!  Not a bad thing given I still have to weed through it.

Okay...that's as far as I got last night before the day wore me into bed...
Now...on to this morning!

Was awoken earlier then usual by a phone call.  Well... as of yesterday I was under the false assumption that all had been resolved with the department of revenue, and we were FINALLY on the same page.
Heh...that lasted less then 24 hours.  I received the revised amounts of the charges on our account and had talked with our Tax Specialist yesterday to set the terms for payment.  For whatever reason, ALL that was somehow jettisoned in the ensuing hours and this morning I was informed, via voicemail, that the entire amount needed to be paid...tomorrow by five!?
Let me tell you, woman is NOT as fickle as the Tax Man!
At this point my brain was starting to cramp and an all to familiar nervous twitch started in my right eye. Hurriedly I got dressed and jet into the shop to recheck the stipulations on the letter I received, only to discover this.....

Okay, so we understand each other...The letter was written and dated 5/2/16, then mailed.  In the body of the letter it states that I have to respond to this letter ON OR BEFORE 5/1/16!?  Yes...all the conspiracy theories ARE TRUE!!! Our government has been running extensive experiments in time travel, and the practice has become SO wide spread, through ALL branches of the government that they automatically assume that EVERYONE can travel backwards in time!!!!
Yes folks...I had to respond to the letter...a day BEFORE they even thought about WRITTING IT!!! 
Oh wait...maybe the stories about government run labs dabbling in psychic powers is true as WELL!
My cup of sarcasm runnith over!
Seriously....THIS is what I am dealing with at least three days a week!  And you wonder why I sometimes don't get a lot done? 
And what's even worse is, when I finally did get through and got the matter resolved (in effect the phone call was a scare tactic.  Apparently he gets flack from HIS superiors...and it trickles down hill) and pointed out the disparity in dates...I got a non committal verbal shrug and NO explanation, just; "you have to pay this amount..."
Thanks for clearing THAT up!
So...after that emotionally draining exchange...I'm sitting for a few, sipping my coffee, shaking my head...and then getting to work!

I leave you with this....

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