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Saturday, May 14, 2016

....WHOA! Week Got Away From Us There!

(Earlier this week!)
Well hello there. Today was very interesting. Ended up spending half my morning trying to deal with the whole phone snafu. Seems like it was a phone theft after all. The gentleman who came in last night and utilize the phone just before closing came in this morning to check on his bike. I inquired as to whether or not he may have picked up the phone accidentally and he recalled that his friend that was with him may have picked it up off of the counter thinking that it was his. He left the shop to go to his friends house to retrieve the phone. When he returned he brought back an entirely different phone. He had no idea where it came from nor does his friend. The question that stuck in my mind is how many phones do they have on their possession. Needless to say it would appear as if I'm going to have to pick up another phone, again. In the meantime I switched the shop number to the house phone so that I don't miss anybody's call.
So after the time spent dealing with the phone company I was able to get a couple of hours in on repairs and newbies. Tore down two to get ready to go and one of them will make an excellent before and after. The other which is a 26-inch men's dual shock mountain bike did not require all too much effort. That one currently is occupying the space in my rack so that I may finish it up tomorrow. Pretty nice little Daily Banger (Heh, heh, heh!  Before I did my proof read, predictive spelling wrote that as "Deli Bangor"  We suddenly are selling kosher meats in Maine!! LOL!!) special that will keep somebody rolling on the roads for quite some time.
Lots of folks have been wanting to sell and or trade bikes, lately. We are obviously, during the summer time, having to be a little selective. With so much to choose from the still sitting outside on bone row we are in no short supply of material to work with. But we're always looking out for that special something that may walk through the door. I must admit, skeptical as I was in regards to spending a lot of time online through Facebook and such, it seems to have had some good effect. Had two folks come in today to grab new rides brought here specifically from our listing on FB. The men's 6-speed Cruiser we threw together the other day left right quick. As well as the 24-inch Schwinn Dual Shock mountain bike that we had just put out the night before. This was picked up by a dad looking to upgrade his son from his current 20 inch. He was quite enamored with our efforts and expressed his joy in what we do and how we do it. We always love to hear those kudos to let us know that we are on the right track. Hope you get plenty of use out of that 24 before he sprouts and you have to come back in for a 26-inch. But remember we always do trades so that'll take a few bucks off of your next upgrade.

Tomorrow looks to be more of the same with quite a few newbies that I need to be working on. Keep an eye out on the  Facebook Page and Twitter for all the goodies we'll be putting out for you folks again and again and again. LOL!
All right, with that I best get my Tushie in gear and go and get a shower and some rest. Y'all have a good night talk to you soon!

Fast Forward to Saturday!
The first part was from Tuesday, and things have been a little busy, although I have to take some responsibility for not updating here sooner.  As is often the case when I embark on a new path (IE: FB and Twitter) I have a tendency to neglect or forget other things.  Yes, maintaining and updating our other pages can be time consuming, not to mention the fact that I linked up with a few "Community Pages" on FB, pertaining too (oooo big surprise here) MST3K! 
Yes, a group of over 5000 like minded "Misties" who, among other things, try and best each other, in light hearted fashion, at "Out-Riffing" each other.  Explain?  That's where we quote quips from the show, and try and be as exacting a possible, in order to relate the lines that were spoken in the original show.
Yes....I have no life.
BUT, I have not been beaten yet! Hee, hee
ANYWAY, they are REAL good folk and I have been cross posting our shop site and the number of view has increased dramatically!
The end result is...I gotta get organized! 
It hasn't kept me from keeping busy though, as far as repairs and newbies go! Oh, Nay, Nay!  I have been averaging two newbies a day this week, and will post pics below of the ones that remain. 
Today, has been a slew of repairs coming in, and we have been kept entertained by several of the nice folk who have patiently waited for me to get them on the road.  Thanks to all for coming in to see us and You can come keep us company too...if ya wanna?
OKAY!  So, today, gonna get the repairs that remain, banged out and try and get through the mountain of goodies we have picked up this week, either torn down for parts or rebuilt!
See ya soon!

ONLY $45.00!!

ONLY $85.00

ONLY $55.00!!

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