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Monday, August 31, 2015

You Paid WHAT?!

With minimal reprieve so begins a new week!
We'd like to take a moment to thank all the folks taking advantage of a milder Saturday to come in and pay us a visit! Sent four rides to new homes, but oddly, still light on repairs?  I barely got my fingers dirty!  I did manage to put out, what turned out to be a real sweet Raleigh M80 MTB.  It was WELL LIVED when we got it, but a wee bit of parts swapping, and a whole lot of scrubbing? Well, mechanically, its a great ride, just some unavoidable issues with the paint. Oh well, it is priced accordingly anyway.  I put another DBS in my rack, but by then it had gotten a little to dark in the bay to see, so had to save it until today.  I did end up waiting around until almost 7pm though, as i had a rather persistent texter all day, desperately interested in the Pure Fix. He was waiting on a ride up here from Brandon. A little after 4pm he finally text he was on his way...but never showed.  No idea what happened, hopefully nothing bad, but i was running late for a good Angi dinner,sadly.
To all those who have asked, we are slowly eeking our way back up. As the weather slowly improves, so to do the visits. We thank all those who have helped, and continue to come in, so we are cautiously optimistic we will be sticking around!
On to home life, or more specifically, banging my head on a rock!
Sometimes (MOST of the time!) I question teenagers thought processes.  Elijah, who has not worked for weeks, and laments DAILY over a lack of money for HIS staples (soda and smokes) had an opportunity this weekend to make some extra cash with his equally directionless friend, helping someone move. Once done, they collected their earnings and they duitifully and wisely contemplated long and hard on the most fiscally sound and wise way as to how to make this meager windfall stretch.
No, the FIRST thing they did was hit the mall, and squander their cash on useless crap, and then eat fast food!
Now, color me crude, but upon returning to the house, each with a bag of junk, amongst which, a $28.00 T-shirt?! It was on SALE! And, a pack of the most expensive cigarettes he could find!
I just don't get it, folks. Well, no, thats not true. A generation of kids, raised (against the efforts of parents) on immediate gratification syndrome, and force fed constant advertising...and this is what we get. Thoughtless consumers.
Guess Madison avenue got it's Christmas wish!
Oh well...he'll be bugging me for a 2 liter tomorrow. get a move on!
See ya soon!


  1. And if The Plant offers you that job you want, full time/day time, YOU TAKE IT!!!!

    Angi, Kaleb and Kyle can handle the shop. Elijah can manage the kids.

    NEVER pass up a promotion. To do so is the fast track out the back door.

  2. How odd. This was NOT where I posted the comment above.