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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Shiting Sand On Which We Tread.

Don't know if it's uncanny or blessed that Fate and Providence still seem to be paying attention to our lives with rapt interest (or is that morbid curiosity?)
So... things at the warehouse are becoming interesting.  It's no big surprise that given the guidelines and responsibilities of the evening position I currently hold, some employees before would find ways to take advantage of the freedom and relatively unsupervised nature of it, and in the vernacular "slack off".  Things is, I don't work like that.  If I'm working...I'm working.  I would rather just go home and get sleep if there is nothing for me to do.  Give me a full checklist, and I can challenge myself to get it done in X amount of time.  Between making pallets, preparing machines to ship, packaging them or sandblasting, I just break them up between break times and push to get them done.  It took them a couple of weeks to realize this, but since then have been giving me more and more comprehensive chores to do.  The end result of this is...they have taken notice.  On Wednesday the plant foreman actually asked me if I would be willing to come on the morning shift (when there is more to do).  Thankfully, before I could decline, the department head stepped in and reminded him that I had commitments during the day to the shop.
On the contrary, facing the reality of the limitations my age presents, the whole "24 hour shift" between leaving the warehouse then going to the bakery, became problematic.  On two occasions I was a little late, and on Friday was clearly exhausted.  This too, did not go unnoticed.  Not wanting to give up, or leave them high and dry, I pushed on, but they solved the problem for me.  This morning, after arriving home and cleaning up, I got dressed, put on a pot of coffee and was going to play video games until I had to leave...
As soon as I sat down on the sofa waiting for the coffee to brew, Suzanne climbed up on the sofa and draped herself across my lap in the universal "pet me" sign, and in seconds of stroking her fur...I passed out.
Needless to say, I was late for the second time in three weeks.  Not good.  The owner, Marney, understood that the demands of my time were taxing, but she needs someone there she can count on to be on time each and every day.  However, the upside is, they still want to keep me around, so I was offered a new position of "maintenance".  The beauty of this position is I make my own hours and can come in when they are closed and clean up and fix things around the place.  To top it off...the pay is better!
The funny thing is, when I started all this I originally thought the bakery would be the "keeper".  In the end, it has all congealed into something a lot more manageable AND now frees me up to be here all day on Fridays and Saturdays!  YAY!! 
Weather not withstanding!  SHEESH!
As predicted, the last three days of mild weather couldn't hold out and the clouds rolled in, the damning effect being, that after a deluge like we have dealt with for the last month, people are naturally skeptical when the brief intervention of clear skies shows up.  You need at least four good days in a row for folks to relax and really venture out.  "Missed it by that much!"  (a TV quote from the "Over-Forty" collection!) 
Yesterday, though, we did send home the Men's 26" MTB to a new home (or an old one, depending on how you look at it, he is a regular) We also put out a basic ladies single speed cruiser, resurrected from the dead, and did some tear downs and reorganizing.  In short...a wee bit of a yawn fest! LOL! Of course, the rains earlier today scared most everyone away, and we're still waiting for more goodies to come in!  Weekend's coming up folks!  If you're digging through the garage or shed or back yard and got some rides you don't want?  We're here!
Now, as the day is winding down to a close, I'm going to take a little bit to get my bearings straight and figure out what I got to work with and work on.
See ya soon!!

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ONLY $55.00!!!


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    1. Really. Takes me three hours to clran the place and i get 100 bucks. Can't complain.