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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rolling....and Rolling

First off, let me apologize to the generous folks who have offered up donations via PayPal. Youmay have noticed your kind gifts going unclaimed, and please, in no way did we mean to slight! When i set this up i took PayPals suggestion of using the phone number as they stated it's easiest. Well...yes, but only if you're phone carrier links with PayPal...ours dies not! After four days of heated debate with the several PayPal help...there resolution was to just post our email address.
Thanks alot!
So again, sorry if we inadvertently snubbed anyone!
For the record, our email is ""  Thank you for understanding.
Today was our annual bus trek to the doctor's for all the kiddos to get up to date, get pricked, prodded and poked, and to contend with the resulting hysterics. Then, back into the summer heat to wait for the return trip.
What fun!
On the way back, izzy lay on my lap, fell asleep and then i did, to awake with a VERY stiff neck!
But, at least they're all healthy, except for two with slightly low iron count (the two that NEVER eat their vegetables!) Then it was a quick jaunt from the bus stop to the house (whining all the way, la, la, la!) For a quick lunch, than mom and dad headed out to their jobs. Elijah had an uneventful morning, but in the afternoon Angi sent the trek home with a regular who traded in a sweet Gary Fisher towards it! Nice!
So, I'm going to get showered up and hit the sack so i can get an early go of it!
Hope to see you soon!

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