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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lawd AH MIGHTY!!  Is that the SUN?!?!
Awoke this morning fully prepared to swim to work only to come out for my morning coffee to blue skies!!! 
'S funny what the body can get used to. 
So, yesterday we had a slightly busy start to the day with a few parts for a DIY'er, and a couple tube changes.  Then one of our regular brought in a sweet old Peugeot MTB he wants us to rebuild for him, so that's what I'm banging on now.  It's a start folks!  Hopefully, Floridians with the undying urge to get out and ride will brave the New World with heartfelt optimism!  Just remember, if things goes back to usual, we will get just a smattering of rain in the mid afternoons, so plan accordingly.  The good thing is though, with all this rain, it feel a lot cooler outside, even in the noon hour!
Still have nothing to report on newbies, unfortunately.  I spent the morning sorting through a lot of parts buckets, and prepped more wheels!  We have a full wheel rack again as a result. 
Yes, I know, BORING!!
But, after all, that' pretty much Florida summers...boring.  Not a lot of things to jaw about, so I just vamp!
Got home this morning from the warehouse and of course, was wide awake, so sat out on the porch to download and try and relax to get some rest, but Suzanne, who had been waiting up for me was in a chipper mood, so we ended up playing in the yard for a bit.  Must have been an odd sight if anyone was looking out their window at the time.  At least it tuckered me out.
OK, so not my most entertaining or informative conversation ever, so I'll just sign off and get to finishin' the Peugeot.  Y'all have a great day!

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