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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Heh, heh!
So sue me, I let my emotions get the best of me!
Twas a traditional slow Tuesday today, perhaps made worse by the heat. But it was not as bad as Monday! Actually had a breeze i occasionally felt wafting through the open doors.  This morning, however, i was NO help to Angi in getting the kiddos off to school. Exhausted, i apparently refused to get out of bed, so Elijah had to take the girls to school. Waking up around ten, i hurried to relieve Angi, so she could go home and enjoy some AC until relieving me at 2.30.  I kept myself as busy as possible, tearing down scrap.  I really can't work on a few we have waiting, as what i have been able to put out had to be hand cleaned.  For lightly rusted and worn bikes, tgats fine, but these others need SERIOUS scrubbing with the wire wheel, hand held and Dremell.  Alls the pity.  Shortly after Angi got back, and I was fixing to leave, a gent came in with a ride we rebuilt for him a few years back.  He had popped the retaining screws on his rear rack and needed a new set. No worries, we got aplenty!  Once finished, and he went to pay the meager fee, he handed me a hand full of bills! My first reactio was "No sir, that's too much " his responce was "i read your blog" and in a touching, low voice added "I don't want you to go away ".  Well, thats all it took!  After a inadequate hand shake, my sentiments got the best of hugged him.  I think this may have thrown him a bit, so if you're reading, sorry if I embarrassed you, sir, but I'm French...what can i say!?
Angela was outside, looking in at the exchange, and after he left came in and inquired, incredulously "why did you hug that man?" Then, i showed her the generous donation, her eyes teared up, and she quickly looked out in the parking lot to see if he was still there, so SHE could give him one!
Words are not enough to express our gratitude sir!  But THANK YOU!!!

The warehouse was a little more bearable tonight, but had little for me to do, so I kept as busy as i could. But once I finished dusting the sandblaster, i knew I was out of options. Good thing it was near quitting time or I would have gotten in trouble for napping!
So, tomorrow, hoping for mild weather, as I'll be there all morning and early afternoon. Ick. Hope I have something to do!  Hint, hint!
See ya in the AM!


  1. You're welcome. I was surprised but not embarrassed. I would've enjoyed a hug from Angela as well. God has blessed me with so much and that includes a little bike shop that keeps my 40 year old bike running and my wife's only marginally newer one running. I hope I helped to get you back on track. Thanks for what you do.

  2. It definitely did sir! And as far as the old bike fixer, it was our pleasure! We love it when folks choose to keep their old rides running, rather than just go buy a new piece of imported junk, just to have that fall apart in two weeks! Again, thank you SO much!