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Friday, August 14, 2015

That is one...sweet....ride!!

Yea, yea...I know!  I had a late start today!  Angi and the boys opened up on time, but I didn't drag my carcass in until around 2 pm!  UGH!  Twas' a busy night at the warehouse last night.  I won't bore you with the mundane details, but each night they keep giving me a little more to do, obviously testing my resolution and resolve.  Last night was a back breaker (and of course I wacked the sore on my knee THREE bloody times!) and I didn't get out until after closing (much to the chagrin of the foreman that had to wait on me) so by the time I got home, cleaned up and relaxed (watched several snippets of Crank Yankers on you tube for a chuckle) it was five am. 
Needless to say, I slept!
BUT, now I'm in and ready to ROCK!  (God... I hate how "eighties" that expression sounds) Angi picked up some FREAKIN' GEMS today!  A "Pure Fix, Ozona" Cro-moly Mixie with loads of upgrades.  Fully chrome, with a carbon fiber fork set up, and a set of hand laced rims.  Light weight, this thing is bloody SAH-WEEEEET!!  If I were a low slung Mixie kind of guy, I would SOOO be adding this one to my collection!  She also snagged a classic Fuji "Royale" road bike!  This one is also a sweet, larger frame road bike that looks to have been recently tuned and a few upgrades added.  Will have that one posted as soon as I get it cleaned up and tuned, but I'm shooting some pics of the Pure Fix for you to drool and dream!
Also, she picked up a couple of repairs which I have to jump on lickety split.  We did put out two newbies (FINALLY!!) yesterday.  A cute little 20" BMX that already found a new home this morning, and a gentS 26" DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!  Which, truthfully got a LOT more TLC than your usual DBS, but..every bike has a price cap, regardless of effort, so this one is a steal of a deal! 
Now, I'm jumping on repairs, and I'll be here all day tomorrow!  Gosh...that would be a GREAT time to bring in that bike you've been meaning to have fixed up...or the one you don't use anymore that you want to sell.  Or hey, maybe you NEED a ride for the upcoming season?  That would be cool, right?
All right, enough subliminal suggestions...I'm off to workies!

ONY $400.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $75.00!!
image 1
ONLY $230.00!!!

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