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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mad Dash Day!

We get up this morning around 7.30...well, Okay...I get up around 7.30, took a good half an hour to raise the boys, then we headed out to the laundry mat to do our usual Sunday domination of ALL the machines (how do kids go through SO much clothes in one week?!), then, with Angi in charge, I headed to the shop with the burning desire to dress out a SAH-WEET trek 820 BIG BOY MTB we got in Saturday night in trade.  She needed some WORK but SOOOOOOO worth it!  As I find myself repeating constantly "we don't get many of these!" and they are WAY popular!!  She turned out cherry!  Under all the grime and surface rust, she's a peach!  Check out the pic below!  Also, whilst here, had a very nice lady drop off two rides that were "taking up space" and she heard we could give them a new life!  OH....yeaaaaaaaa!  One is a simple ladies DBS but the other is a pretty sweet, old school Fuji MTB!!!  Oh be still my beating heart!  I do so love these oldies!  They sat in the elements, obviously for a while, but the bodies are top notch!  Gonna take some work, but again, SOOOOOO worth it....well, the Fuji at least! Ba-dum-bump!
Once the Trek was all "shiny" I had to jet to the bakery to do the cleaning bit!  The "checklist" I have was updated, and shall we say....comprehensive?  SHEESH!!!  This is not a big place, but the owner is very specific!  Which is fine, MORE restaurant owners should be THIS concerned about cleanliness!
Angi and the boys hung out at the shop chatting with visitors until three, trying to drum up some business, and had a lot of looky loo's for a Sunday.  LOTS of interest in the "Pure Fix" and "Fuji" but no bites, sadly.  Ah well...the bikes owner will come along...they always do!
Speaking of which....
After the seven hours it took to clean the bakery, I headed back to the house (with Greedo's basket overflowing with all the goodie leftovers!  Heh, heh!) fully intending on a wee bit of happy hour after one HECK of a busy week (and to get the kiddo's ready for tomorrow).  No sooner had I parked my tuckas on the porch, and went through my texts, did we get a call from a gent who was in New Port Richey and wondering if he could come down and take a gander at the Fuji Royalle, as he seemed quite smitten!  SURE, no problem!  Greedo's engines hadn't even cooled down yet, and it was off again back to the shop!  Of FREAKIN sooner do I get here, did the evil looking clouds that were making their way back around AGAIN...for the THIRD bloody time today, open up and send a deluge of bloody rain down on us!!!  Not to mention some VICOUS wind that has successfully torn our front tarp sign from it's mounting!
Seriously...can we....get....a.....FREAKIN'....BREAK?
Not only did we just send the Fuji to a new home in Nashville Tennessee to college, but I got the gents father interested in Jay and Silent Bob movies!!  Cool!  I get to taint and warp the generation before me!  Hee, hee!
Now, I gotta head home, as tomorrow begins the arduous task of dragging all the kiddos to the doctors for their annual check up's before school starts!  JOY!  Another wonderful bus ride to outer Saint Petersburg.
Yes, we are open tomorrow, Elijah will be minding the shop, as we have to plod to the bus stop before seven am....
and hopefully done in enough time that I can get back up to this neck of the woods and be to work on time.  I'm seriously questioning the likelihood if I will be making it to the shop on Tuesday...Ah HA!
I better jet, I SOOOO need a shower, and I haven't even eaten yet today...
Come to think of it.... I didn't eat yesterday either....
See ya soon!

image 1
26" BIG BOY TREK 820!!!!
ONLY $165.00!!
image 1
ONLY $105.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!


  1. Steven-

    I've stopped by the shop to see you three times in the last week or two, and managed to miss you every time. Got to play with almost the entire family by now, though!

    The new novel is past the halfway point. Should have it wrapped up by Labor Day and will have more time to play outside after that.

    Hope to catch you in the shop!

  2. Well, thanks for still keeping up your routine! Yes, my bidy is slowly getting use to the new schedule, and it has becoming necessary for me to make more of a presence known. I will hopefully be there tomorrow (or rather later this morning ) around ten. Starting to get goodies in and gotta git 'em built!

  3. My routine most days these days: Write book, check radar, take nap. On the plus side, the new novel is ROCKIN'! I'll start Chapter 12 today (out of 20). I've got people stopping by today and tomorrow, so we'll see that Baynews 9 says about the weather (and rides to the north) after that.

    Hope to see you soon!