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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mr Roboto!

Well, early night tonight! Things have slowed this week at the warehouse, lots of folks taking vacation days for the time being. I had a short list, which was good as i felt like tital doggy poo when i went in. I think it's stress mashed up with forcing myself to consume some carbs for the long nighr. Not a good thing in the heat. On top of that a headache, so once i was done with the list, i requested an early departure. Chilling on the porch now before i hit the shower.
Today we had a couple(or few)repairs, and srnt the Specialized to a new home. Haven't touched base with Angi yet as if there was anything else after I left, as she's passed out asleep right now. Hopefully I'll get the full scoop when she wakes up. Still not anything new to report, funny how you grow dependent on power tools! But, nothing new coming in, anyway. Oh, i am praying so hard for the Snowbirds to come SOON!
Oh, I've been meaning to rant on this one thing i heard in the odd moment of actually listening to news a few nights back (swung past NPR while trying to escape the incessantly repeating 20 songs on all of Floridas radio stations!) They had an interview about this "Hacker dump" of all the personal information of ALL the people who had patroned a "cheating site". Now, forgive my bluntness, but i think any who comits adultery should be branded on the forehead with a BIG A, but thats me. Seems that some pious hackers thought it would be a good idea to post everyones info for the world to see. Hmmmmm? Ok, the righteous side of my brain, at first, shouted "HELL YEA!" but then the calmer side said..."wait..." lets face it, people can do some dumb sh...tuff, and many of these folks may never have actually "hooked up". But what i find REALLY disturbing does ANYONE know if the people listed ACTUALLY are who they SAY they are!? Talk about a good way to frame someone! I mean REALLY, do you TRULY think all those people you chat with and divulge your life too on Facebook are Really real?  Well, i guess of you enough of a knuckle knob to give out a lot of personal info to a total stranger? Well, you deserve to get screwed every way to Subday! I mean, do you KNOW how easy it is to post a fake bio to any of these things?  Here's a hint, go to yahoo, make a fake Email  adress, go online, type in the kind of person you want to be, hit photos, and youll have a tsunami of pics to choose from! You have now changed from a 49 year old, slightly overweight white male, into a buxom 22 latin girl (pictures courtesy of adds for spandex!).  Then, get creative, write up a backstory, and get friended ALOT!
Yes folks, the numbers are in, 87% of all responces online are NOT real people!
So no wonder my incredulity!
Allright, i best get some shut eye!
See ya soon!

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  1. Ok, ok, ok, my real name isn't Chip. Ya got me there. But I do feel sorry for every girl in America (and you know there have to be quite a few) named Ashley Madison.

    Of course, the Zen question must surely (Shirley?) be: Who are we, really?

    I was going to be the walrus, but that one was taken.