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Monday, August 3, 2015

Row,Row, Row Your Boat...Gently Down The Stream, There Is So Much Bloody Rain, Make's You Want To F(@$&*!ng SCREAM!!! lieu of anything else more profound or imperative to discuss..."How about this weather, huh?!"
Seriously.  Like any region of this country, we have our weather pattern peccadillo's, but SHEESH!!  Just can't get a bead on things anymore. Normally, in the summertime it will rain for about an hour in the afternoon, you except this fact, and just plan your day accordingly.  Not so much anymore!!  It's been ridiculous lately, and I don't think any of us have been completely dry in over two weeks! Perhaps, for the summers we should just sell Kayaks, life jackets and bumbershoots! 
So, in light of all that, not a heck of a lot of choice jaw juice to spill!   Angi and Kaleb have been doing their best to keep busy around here, and have sent a few rides to new homes, so we thank all those brave folks for planning ahead (and seeing the sunlight at the end of the rain tunnel) and looking forward to the, as yet, elusive riding season.  Believe me, it is just around the corner!
 The growing pains are still lingering a wee bit for the "New Management" (well, original management, thus returned) but they are faring it well.  I understand, completely. though, as does Angi, that some folks are set in there ways, and once they find an establishment and an individual they are use to dealing with, that's all they are willing to work with.  And Hey!  That's SOOOOO cool, we LOVE that fact!  We love our regulars and can only try and reassure them, that I'm still here, in spirit if not in body, and for those of you wanting me to take care of your rides as before, no worries!  I'm here every day, mostly mornings, afternoons on the weekends, so if you hit us between 10 and 3M-Th and 3-6 Fri and Sat, I'll hook ya up! 
We have put a few out over the last few days, as again, with this weather, not much of a much is coming in for us to tinker with!  Sad Face!  But, the upside is, what is going out is still finding homes right quick! 
Why am I here earlier today?  Two reasons, giving Angi a "sleep in morning" AND given the current deluge conditions outside, I didn't want her to have to ride her Trek in it!  Angi weighs next to nothing and that bike is one of those "lift it with one finger" kind of rides.  So NOT the safest thing to get to work on in this SH.....tuff!
Of course, the growing pains extend to the household as well, as we contend with the discontentment of the kiddo's in regards to the abrupt changes.  Although, I think they enjoy dinners more!  LOL!  Momma, in the absence of time to cook a "proper" meal, treats them primarily to "kid" food, none of that el-weirdo vegetables and meats Mommy and  Daddy usually cooked up!  Oh, she sneaks in some valuable dietary necessities, but it's less prominent from what we would normally take the time to create! least they clean their plates!
Suzanne is of course, still a little off.  She now will be waiting for me each early morning I stagger in, dutifully resting on the side of my bed.  Angi has grown accustomed to her "early warning signal" that I have made it home all right, as when I pull into the driveway, Suzanne's heavy tail starts to thump the floor, vigorously.  It's so sweet, not to mention, reassuring.  As I am not in the house when it comes to bed time she has taken it upon herself to forgo her own usual comfy sleeping spot on the couch to be in the bedroom with Angi to keep her safe.  Oh, Suzanne is the sweetest dog, BUT I almost feel sorry for anyone coming near the house!  The Pit-bull propensity for protection is predominant in this pooch! 
The other jobs are going well.  Finished my "training" at the warehouse, and was honored to be given good reviews.  I like the folk there, and enjoy the fact that I am the only person on staff in Shipping on second shift.  They give me my work checklist, and leave me alone.  I get a lot more done when I can focus solely on the work, and not have to engage in the normal environment of conversation and banter that goes hand in hand in a large staff.  It's one thing when your job is talking and "meeting and greeting" fine folk, like here, but when your job is to get things done?  Hard to accomplish when someone is trying to chat you up about "the game last night" than you have to spend ten minuets trying to convince them there is nothing wrong with you, jut because you don't like sports.  The Bakery is different, that's all about meet and greet, as my primary function is the front and dealing with customers.  It' a LOT like working the shop!  They have a very loyal customer base that loves the product, and I also get the opportunity to meet new customers and get them hooked on their "culinary crack!"  Of course, my relatively "scruffy" exterior has "put off" a couple folks when they first come in, but that' to be expected, as many of their regulars are of a more "affluent" nature.  No worries, the world is made up of a lot of different kind of folk, and some jut happen to be under the false impression, they are more important.  Sad really.
We do have a couple new goodies to show you that haven't found new homes yet, so give 'em a looksy and I'm gonna go sort through some parts bucket!
GAWD!! Thought I got away from that! HA!
See ya soon, friends! 

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $65.00!!

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  1. Okay, look, I admit I'm a little light on that whole Bible thing, but: Shouldn't we remember having had a whole lot more crazy fun than we did before God tries to drown us?

    Make... the rain... stop...