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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Even More Thank Yous!!'s 4a.m.....why am i still awake!
S'okay... guess my bodies getting used to the new schedule!  Sitting on the porch, waiting for Advil to kick in so I can get a few hours, before I go to the shop. As predicted, the older boys are taking advantage of mom and Kaleb made an excuse of "looking for a job" to take off after work. Ended up going to his girlfriends house and showed up at 3 a.m. as i just got home! Needless to say.,. He's grounded!
Here's where I brag for a moment. Got a good compliment tonight. Electrical foreman commented, he didn't know what I was doing right, but to keep it up, for the whole office was talking about me! Especially the president! SWEET! Tonight they had little for me to do, so  I wandered around asking everyone if I could help. Big brownie points!  Ended up taking out everyone's garbage, and some of them looked at me kind of strange. Turns out, nobody from my department ever did that before. 
SO, yesterday was an eek-ling of busier for Angi and he boys.  Couple repairs crept in and we sent home the ladies cruiser with, as described a very pregnant young lady, who is already planning on her exercise regiment once the baby is home!  Also, some DIY'ers came in and snagged up some goodies or a pet project! SAH-WEET!!!
Wow!  It's now 3 pm in the afternoon, and having slept in WAY to long,  I didn't get here until noon, and have been busy getting all the daily ducks in a row, so I now have to "BUG OUT" and get to work!
I DO, however, want to take a moment to thank a VERY special gent, Clyde, for his recent donations!  These were in the form of a more "non-business" related donation, but did in fact quell a very real financial strain we had all but forgotten about in light of everything else hitting us, and that was the kids school clothes and supplies.  Needless to say, when he un-expectantly came in and footed the whole bill!?  WOW!  You can imagine how NOT cheap school uniforms are for four kiddos!   YOWTCH!  All our love sir! 
Now, I gotta bug!  But please, don't hesitate to pay Angi and the boys a visit, they're just waiting for you!

See ya!

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