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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Has Anyone Seen My Feet?

Yesterday was a hoot and holler! I know the boys are always happy to see a determined daddy! *Cough, Cough!* I got up here close to first thing and it was immediately to work for everyone, and CLASS WAS IN SESSION!  I taught them with no modicum of force what quality means!
I've had them roughing out rides for me too fine tune when I'm in but have been none to happy with the level of "eye for detail" we have always prided ourselves in, and DID NOT hide my disapproval! Hey, "if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!" (Dodgeball...go rent it now) I understand, they're young, but have to learn sometime! This is why I don't let them put out a bike, or do a repair unless I've inspected it, thoroughly. Like I said, high standards we WILL NOT compromise on...EVER! Something as simple as Kaleb cleaning and remounting a chain on the Fuji and not checking the length. Sure, it's what was on it, but it was two links too long making for a sloppy bottom gear. No good!
Yea, they were happy to see me go to my other job! Ha!
I managed to get the Gary Fisher out that Angi picked up the day before, and she's a peach! Well yes, Angi is, but I was talking about the bike.  We also did a refurb on a classic ladies three speed Schwinn, but that one is spoken for. Also have the Fuji roughed out, which I will finish in the am (um....a little later this am!) We've had a lot of interest in the Pure Fix, but nothing yet, if you're interested! It's on consignment and the owner, headed back up north, may come back and snag it shortly if it doesn't sell. So speak now or forever hold your peace!
Also have the ladies banger I need to get to and hope to do so tomorrow. The later half of my day there was doing some further tweaks on one of our regulars three wheeler. He's having no luck, and lost both bearing packs on the drive side, bent the axel and blew nine spokes! WOOF! I cut him a great deal thoigh, considering he was in two days before about the other wheel!
Work tonight was standard, although I don't think the morning crew owns a tape measure! They supposedly pre cut the wood for the machines I needed to crate, and they were completely off!!
So tomorrow, I'll be solo in the am, as Angi is doing some of the getting ready for school things, so I'll be there bright and early. So, to wit, I best get my four hours! Come say "hey" and check out the goodies! See ya then!

image 1
ONLY $145.00!!!

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