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Saturday, August 15, 2015

And why aren't you out riding? HMMMMMM?

Good Morning PEOPLES!!
Oh it feels so good to be back in the Captains Chair! 
And, with a show of hands, how many of you fellow Floridians were out this morning enjoying the INCREDIBLE weather?  Put your hands down if you were doing it through an open car window...that don't count!  I had reason to be out on a jaunt around 7 am and almost went back to the house to grab a jacket!  The pleasant side effect of all the rain is much milder mornings!  It's been to long since I felt that!  With my morning wake up time shifting more to the afternoon, by the time I usually hit the streets it's in the early afternoon...ick!  But no, this morning, beautifully brisk!  Once I finished up a short meeting at one of the other jobs, I took a longer, leisure ride to the shop to open up.  Almost considered opening a wee bit later and just enjoy it from the perch of the revamped Greedo, but thought better of my obligations.  So sad.
BUT, that's what we're here for!  Sacrificing our own happiness in lieu of others!  LOL!!  (aren't we the little philanthropists!)
Yesterday was yet again, another relatively quiet day, but we did have the pleasure of one of our regulars bringing in his three wheeler (or "Cadillac") for some over due maintenance.  He' been coming to us for years to keep his sole mode of transportation on the road, and normally the work is minor.  This time, however, she needed quite a bit of TLC!   After he moved a year back, he was forced to store it outdoors, no longer having a garage, and it was in rough shape.  Did a full tune, had to replace a few pieces too far gone, rust and wear wise, then gave her a good run through the wire wheel to knock off the remaining rust.  The big thing was the rear three speed hub had shimmied loose, and had to realign the whole rear.  The pissah was, as I had it suspended in the rack and was jostling it about, and it fell!  And you guessed it...the rear end assembly came RIGHT DOWN on my bad leg, the corner digging right into the sore!  YOWTCH!!!!  I swear!  It's like there is a target drawn on it! 
BUT, all in the call of duty! 
As I mentioned, we have the very fine, Fuji Royale  lookin' all pretty and ready to go, so check that piece of Veloist finery below! 
So far today, I had a pleasant confab with a returning gent in the process of rehabbing a "trash find" cruiser, in need of a few trinkets, and we discussed the "Christmassy" joy of discovering hidden treasures in other peoples refuse!  Oh yes!  I am SOOOOO a "Dumpster Diver"!!  A little hint though, if you ever have the urge to follow suit: DO NOT even lift the lid of a dumpster anywhere NEAR a restaurant!  PHEW!!!  It may look tempting...but the smell will KNOCK....YOU....OUT!!!  I'd rather be a cadaver dog than do THAT again!!  YUCK!
Also, got in a rebuild on a rear wheel that be...a challenge!  OHHHH boy!  Another hint: If you start popping spokes...please stop riding, and get it fixed!  ESPECIALLY if it's an alloy rim!  HOLY TACO TUESDAY, BATMAN!! 
All right, enough rambling, I gotta scoot and get working!
See ya soon!!!

image 1
ONLY $145.00

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