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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hey Vern, what's this? About 700 dollars.

Well too heck with the heat, today i got to movin my boo-TAY!!
Seems someone openned the floodgates and many a folk were bringing in some SAH-WEET rides to part with!
Put on me dew rag to keep the sweat out of my eyes, and just started slammin'!  Got in a very fine Specialized Hard Rock that at first, looked like a wreck. Shame, too, as it's only about four years old!  But, once I started cleaning it,and a few upgrades, she looks as good as new!  Also, got in a fantastic Leader MTB! Yea, the ones that sell for like, 1400.00 new!  Woof!  Of course, we ain't looking for anything close to that. Rounded it off with a nice DAILY BANGER SPECIAL. in the form of a sharp looking , lightweight aluminum frame triax mtb.  We did have several looky loos come in, but not ready to commit yet. As frustrating as the summer season is for bike shops, we understand. It's too bloody hot for most casual riders, and only the diehards are out.  But, one they're ready, God willing, we'll be there! The hotter hours were quite (too quite, sir!) So Angi, kyle and kaleb just tried to keep cool. Tall order!
Tonight, i had VERY little to do, but it was suggested if i wanted too i could tear down an older unit out back and get it ready for recon. Really?!  Power tools, destruction, grease and throwing parts around?  SIGN ME UP!!!!
So I spent my evening crawling around in the greasy, wet guts of a huge machine, covered in gunk, tearing out all its innards! I was one happy camper!  The foreman had to find me at 2.15 totell me it was almost quitting time.  He must have recognized my boots jutting out from inside.
Well, i best sign off and shower off the smell!
See ya soon!

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