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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

even the immortal bard couldn't come up with this!

VERY excited to see new faces, and many returning ones today!
And the down side being, Shakespearean tragic comedies!
Anywho, starting from the beginning...
Today marked the first week I am no longer doing the bakery. Oh, they're good people, but the level of time commitment they were looking for just proved impossible, especially with the shop creeping ever more quickly to normalacy.  Cutting corners there proved counter productive, as the owner had a keener eye than me, and giving up the ghost, i admitted I just couldn't give them all they wanted, and still uphold my commitment to our own business.  So like my dad once told me "if you can't do something right, get the f@$# out of the way and let someone who can!"
So, as Angi had another appointment with Miranda today, (no, no worries, she isn't sick, we're just enrolling her in pre-k...but it's a PROCESS!)i headed into the shop, first thing, Suzanne in tow, to mind the fort, AND build up four newbies, as well as five repairs (thank you all so much for your trust!) (And it's funny how surprised folks get when they tell you "do whatever it needs", and they DON'T get screwed!  Either that, or i got a real trusty face!) all done before 3 PM mind you!  At that point...things got tight.  I have to leave no later than 3.30 if I'm going to make it on time to work, and by 3.25 Angi hadn't made it in. Reluctantly, i put a "back in 10 min" sign in the door and headed out, only to meet a very winded honey bombing down Patricia on her 10 pound Trek.  Seems the cab company dropped her call, TWICE and it took forever for her and a very irritated Miranda to get back.  As we were exchanging brief kisses and apologies for not having time, a gent who had bought one of the 24" mtbs we had, 20 mins earlier, came up, and revealed that the left pedal had fell off!  WHOOPS!  With no time, i regretfully told him I would take care of it first thing.  He followed Angi back to the shop, where she ended up just upgrading him to a better ride at no additional cost for the inconvenience.  Yes, that's my wife, the true matriarch of RE-Cycle!
I made it to work with four minutes to spare, thankfully.  A real feat, considering both the lights AND the wind were against me the WHOLE BLOODY TIME! DOES the wind shift directions each time you take a freaking turn!?
Oh well...
Karma was smiling on Angi's generous "customer service" as shortly thereafter, she got real busy, and even sent the sweet Trek 820 to a new home!  Nice!
She even acquired a few more repairs for me to tinker with in the AM!
So, with that in mind, and as i am covered in glass beads from a poorly sealed sandblaster I I  desperately need a shower!
See y'all tomorrow!


  1. No Shakespeare here, but, from "The Man Who Loved Bicycles":

    "You never have a tailwind. Either the wind is against you or you're having a good day."

  2. John- There's also something about the sway in cycling, that side to side motion as you pedal. Our brains are wired to make us smile when we do that.

    Me likee.

    1. Yea....side to side, back and forth....maje me smile too!!