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Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Morning Update!

Okey dokey!  It's another Monday, which, regardless of how one day just rolls into the next, we're here, with bells on, hoping for a fresh great start to the week! teeth hurt being that upbeat! Ah-waka-waka!
Last week was a head scratcher.  Syeady on repairs, but only sent a total of four to nee homes, all....week....long?  VERY perplexing!  Oh, we definitely thank all the folks seeking us out for their repairs, always ready to help!  But, it's like folks have just given up on riding!  SHUDDER!
Well...maybe it's that money is so tight for a lot of folks, but they're still snagging "deals" off craigslist.  Trouble is...the few that have come in here for a look over, have been anything BUT deals.  Even at our low repair prices, the collection of defects on them, surpassed the cost of buying a new one!  If you get the opportunity to pick up a "bargain" we offer a free service, just bring the bike in, we'll inspect it, and let you know if it really is a good deal!  Save yourself a possible loss, and we'd love to help!
As i said on Saturday, we banged out two sweet BMX'ERS then....ran out of stuff to do!  So, just sat and got my butt whooped repeatedly at Mafic by Logan.  Sheesh! I created a monster when i taught him hiw to play!
Anywho!  We gots LOADS of rides ledt, so ifn yer lookin ta ride?
Come see us!

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  1. Don't just sit there, man: Teach him how to play poker!