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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bill....what hath thou wrought?

Well...I've been there, where the heck is everyone else!?
So, the last couple mornings I've been schlepping in earlier and earlier to get stuff done around the hip joint (quoting a customers assessment of our little spot) but I'll tell you, a corpse has more life in it!  SHEESH!  I was even there to open This morning, with Suzanne in tow (she's starting to get pudgy like her old man) and set about going through some donations Angi picked up the day before. She had to take izabella to the doctor AGAIN, to get one more bloody shot that the school forgot to ask for as she was sent home from the school the day before, not to return until it was done!  Poor thing was SO upset for missing two days, she was in tears,  and when that little angel cries...breaks your heart!  So, anywho, i got the bay and shop in order, then went about tearing down a 24" Jeep MTB that is really sharp looking!  Will have it done and out in the AM.  We also got in a couple nice looking classic BMX frames that'll be a hoot!  But aside from a couple looky loos and two minor repairs, the place was like a bloody ghost town.  At this point all conjecture has gone out the window!  We've had three days of GORGEOUS weather, but I've seen nary a bike on the road.  What gives!?  I know gas is cheap but C'MON!  Riding a bike ain't all about cheap transportation, ya know?  It's a lifestyle not to be swayed by the manipulative machinations of the oil tycoons!  Just cause you'll only save $10.00 as opposed to $30.00?  It's still freaking ten bucks! get to see the world from a totally different angle!
Allright.....allright, I'll stop preaching.

While I'm on the subject of preaching though...i want to chime in on an ongoing controversy ripping up the headlines of tabloids across the world...
Bill Cosby.
Yea...touchy subject. the deal...
I am a FIRM believer in the old addage; "where there's smoke...there's fire".  This belief has served me VERY well as a parent and i cling to it each time we're trying to find out "who done it?".  Now, if we were talkinf about a sports figure...I'd say yea...i can believe it.  I have no love for jocks and if it's depraved...they probably did it.  Politicians for that matter....equally doubt.  Anyone invested in the accumulation of power....nothing is taboo!  But....Bill freakin' Cosby!? jaded AND bias!   I SOOOO DO NOT want to believe it!  Not a day if my life has passed for the last thirty odd years when i havent woven in at least one quote from that mans standup routines into a conversation!  And ever since I became a parent his assesment of children's "brain damage " has not resounded in my head, and repeated fire than a thousand times!  But to think he could be capable of the heinous acts?  Wekl, this possibility has forced me to shove my VHS copy of "Bill Cosbt;Himself" into the back of my video cabinet, unsure if i should ever enjoy it again.  It was surreal though...the other day the kids popped in a copy of the live action movie "Fat Albert"  and I couldn't help but think, during the scene where Albert visits Bill at his Philly mansion...wS THAT the sofa the most recent allegation took place on!?
It's all just SO demoralizing!  Anyone of my generation was in some way touched or shaped by this man, not to mention brudging the gap between races and bringing a small taste of the "black experience " into suburban white middle class living rooms every Thursday night.  I'm not ashamed to say, it curbed some of my own false impressions!  To think that a hideous monster lurked behind the fatherly guise of the home spun, practical thinking "fatherly" figure?  Well...."shattered" is not a word suitable to describe the ponderings I've been going through!
The skeptical side of me has to wonder though...after all this time...why are all these women coming out know?  The realization that more than a few of them have secured book deals forces me to question; "pay day?"  Color me synical, but he was already the victim of one extortion attempt....i'm just sayin'!
Yes, I'm bias, and i dont want decadez of fond memories destroyed, but...if he did it, then judge, don't hold back!
Okey dokey!
Now, Mongo need shower...
See y'all soon!

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  1. Yeah, I'm wit ya on The Cos. Man, that's disappointing. Much worse than that Lance Whatshisname.

    The Guy Point of View: If Cos had to drug them, what hope was there ever for the rest of us? Geesh.

    By the way, look around the shop. I dropped off a small supply of tires today. They're there... somewhere...