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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Ten Minutes Are BACK!!!

Boy howdy, I'll tell you, we SO love compliments like this! Had a wonderful lady come in the other day and exclaim; "I FINALLY FOUND YOU!"  Turns out, she was an original customer from the garage days, had bought a couple rides from us, had even come into the old shop a few times for service, than left the state for a couple years.  Upon returning a few months back, was left a Schwinn mtb by her son and wanted it serviced so as to keep for company.  Who's the first people she thought of?  You guessed it!  Thing was, she was having a hard time locating us.  As it happens, a few nights back she went bowling across the street, got out of her car and happened to look over and see the sign, and rushing over, peeked in and KNEW it was us by the family photo on the wall!  By her joy you'd think she found Nirvana (no...the real place, not the band).
And not just that, but the several other folks who have been coming in with praise, good wishes and freebies!  Yea, we've accumulated a LOT of gimmies from great folks who "want to make SURE we stick around!"
Wow!  We are a blush with humility.  Yes, we're still plugging, and not willing to give up the dream!  Granted, angi has had to get REAL creative with Ramen noodles, but, the kids like it!
The hopeful news is, we have already seen a few regular snowbirds come in, making their annual trek to our doors plus some new referrals landing on our shores.  It's what we have been waiting for!
Of course...still in the dark!  Even after paying what has been paid, had it down to just under a hundred, and excitedly we made that and then some yesterday.  I called the power mongers last night to get a final dollar figure, only to find out we have to pay a honking big deposit....AGAIN...before the lights will be back on!
oh least i have plenty to build!
Speaking of new builds!  Check out the SWEET Fuji three speed we picked up the other day! Don't see many of these anymore!
Last night was supposed to be family movie night, but instead we were dealing with the latest struggle in young adult male defiance.  Angi and i, while wanting the same outcome, don't quite agree on tactics. Surprisingly we seem to have switched roles. I use to be the "soft touch" and she was "stand firm", now..I've become "zero tolerance ".  After reaching a datante, we relaxed and enjoyed the night air. The only trouble was, the mosquitoes were making a feast of Angi (they NEVER bite me) so we made a smudge pot out of an old planter and some tinder and seed pods.  Those seed pods REALLY smoke!  Upon waking this morning we could both barely breath!
Oh yea!  Its been so long, but yesterday...we had a TEN MINUTE RULE!!
Had a couple people come in and check out things, settle their attention on the Sun cycle cruiser, test ride it and LOVE it, but then talk themselves into "thinking about it "  After the last gent left, i turned to Angi and said "this one is selling today!"  You cant begrudge her incredulity when she grinned a "yea...right!"  Given how slow bike have been to sell the last few months, but sure enough, no more than ten minutes later, a gent rode up, and with no preamble asked; "how much in trade for this one for that one?" pointing to the Sun.
Nice!  Thank you sir!
We need more impulses like that today!
Ok, now i gotta git and build you folks some more rudes!
See ya!


  1. " more rudes"?

    Branched out into the automotive market, have we?

    1. LOL! Ha! Sorry. My blog entries are more often than not done from my smart phone lately. Fat fingers, small letters and NO spell check! Sorry!

  2. And those little keys are SO close together!

    Me, I've got pre-readers, editors, and NO excuse whatsoever.