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Monday, October 5, 2015


So, okay, y'all missed our Sunday morning sidewalk sale! Yea...our fault we didn't mention it before.  Truth is, with that hurricane swirling around, the weather was WHACKED!  One minute clear and cool, sun shiny, than torrential rain.  We managed to get to meet a slew of folk though, out trying and capture some enjoyment out of the blessed milder weather.
We did manage to bang out several more repr, though and we thank you all so very much for your trust!
Sunday though, was not without injury, though!  Proof positive i'm just getting to old to horse around.  Angi and i were messing about in the hallway leading to our bedroom, and upon bum rushing her, slipped on wet tile and sent us both crashing to the hard floor, me on top.  Needless to say, she's a tad sore and in no shortage of pain.  I still haven't stopped apologizing!
Saturday started out strong, filling me with hope, as a young family came in and grabbed the FS ELITE ladies bike, and i got to have an interesting conversation with a wee lad of three who described, in great detail, about the planet he owns and the helicopter he uses to get there.  So bloody cute! Angi stuck home and put the kiddos to work with her giving the house it's traditional top to bottom scrub down.  About the only time she has to do it, more than it's nightly "fluff and stuff"!
We put out a total of five more goodies this weekend amidst the repairs, one of them a FAT TIRE 20" 7 speed BMX!  SAH-WEEET!!
Check them out below!
Today has already been swimming in repairs, so a continuation of good signs that folks are slowly coming back out, relieved from the heat in anticipation for the new riding season.  Odd, that we haven't sent a lot of rides to new homes.  But
But, at least folks ARE getting out and riding!  And as long as they come here to keep them rolling?  We're good with that! Angi has been telling me, on the plus side, that we have had several happy folks giving us some seriously great compliments, so we are thrilled with that!  Personally, i think its her shiny countenance bringing them about.  But I'm bias!
Ok, so now, gonna get back on a customer refurb Kaleb has roughed out for ne,  trying to get that done before i gotta head to my next port of call!
We hope ta see ya soon!

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